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  • Oh ahahaha! I just need to draw a square, a circle, and some coloured lines, just for fun and to collect my newer electro songs.
    Well, it's rather a new account so I don't think it'll have too many followers as of yet. Some of those tests are actually pretty interesting. I'm just wondering which ones are your and which are shared. I bet you could free up some space by consolidating the songs.
    Ah, mine can be found in my signature on any of my posts. I'm a tad worried about the storage issue and the limit on the free account./ I haven't looked into a premium account but I might think about getting one.
    I enjoy music and have just put some more stuff on my Soundcloud! I took a couple Japanese courses and passed them with flying colours, but I've let it slide and lost most of it... I still have the book, so I might pick it up again.
    Excellent! Let's be mates and pal around! So what are you into? Music? Games? Art?
    Nhap van ban can chuyen doi vo day roi nhan chuyen
    hoc ke toan thuc hanh tai da nang
    dich vu ke toan thue
    dich vu bao cao tai chinh tin
    dich vu ke toan tai hai phong
    dich vu ra soat don dep so sach ke toan gia re
    dich vu ke khai lam bao cao thue hang thang
    dich vu ke toan thue tron goi gia re
    fuck if i knew
    it just tends to be that anyone who registers with a half-decent username, let alone a good one, tends to be an alt or returning member or w/e
    it's rather odd
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