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  • hay idk if your still here on this site, but i found the most current version of grape and gonna try it out. im sorry your hack got taken down, that should have never happened. hope your well and that you'll make a new hack for people to look forward to play someday. take care dude! may Pokemon grapes legacy never be forgotten!
    Hi there buddy, just wanted to say Hi to you after all these years. You did well! kind regards
    How's it going 80C, hello! Thanks for the Friend Request, that takes me back to the good old days of Facebook haha I hope you are doing well. Take care!
    80C, I hope you are doing well also. I must admit, it has been a long time since I've spoken with you, over half a decade now. I also have grown up over the years and I would say I'm not the same person I was back then.

    I don't use Pokecommunity very much now and most of the Gen 2 community is on Discord primarily these days, but if you need help with getting back into ROM Hacking, feel free to reach out :)

    Best Regards,
    I invite all you "privileged" ones to bash me anytime you want with all the remarks for my past web activity as you wish, the more the better: I really want to know if doing so makes you a better person, or if it even makes you feel better, and for how long that sensation lasts.
    I'm very disappointed about finding out that so many people, in the course of FIVE years, still have not matured yet (unlike me) and are still, after so many years, roaming around the web, engaging in hate speech and puerile complaints that aren't supposed to still affect them. Apparently, unlike me, these disaffected kids are uncapable of getting over it and turning page, lacking both in dignity and maturity toward their very selves and giving further proof that they were not any better than me in those years. Matter of fact, by taking into account their inability of getting over it, and still not accomplishing a single meaningful thing in their life, they proved in the long run to be far worse and meaningless than anyone else.

    Not that I care much by now, my only worry is that, as things have been going completely wrong in these last years (2010s), if I knew anyone would still go bezerk after so many years I would have done things differently, namingly, I would have not fed them other fuel for their delusional state of mind. Gladly, these acknowledgements make me very happy as it further proves how much I have improved as a person in the long run while such weak-minded people haven't, and they are apparently very far from doing so.

    I guess hate nowadays is more rewarding for such failed people, probably it fills the inner and unimaginative urban life's void faster. In my humbly opinion, that is not going to benefit anyone in the long run, especially considering how damaging can be Obsessive-Compulsive disorder if it is kept for that long: it will eventually lead to tragic consequences (see: Columbine).
    Due to it and its consequences, I've seen many totally wrong things in these last years: hate toward women, hate toward "other" people from other countries. These are indeed symptoms of a widespread collective personality disorder.
    Why must citizens -- of any class -- be divided by such ignorant nonsense? Why on Earth is this rage and bigotry still going on and rampaging for more than half a decade? It's completely wrong!
    I'd been healed from all of this. If I accomplished that task, you can accomplish it too. Recidive haters ought to quit these harmful habits, for the sake of themselves and everybody else: we must not repeat the mistakes of the past, when collective hate became the legit norm (see: 1930s Europe).

    Why posting such a comment here? Who knows, today it might be only Pokémon, but in the future the same wrong attitude might manifest itself in another more "real life" context, and in an even worse way than the one it had been until late 2020. It has already done a good deal of damage, even in terms of human lives. My hope is that, while many people are completely lost and simply won't heal from their inner hate, many much more will read this and acknowledge how tasteless and wrong is this recidive hateful behaviour, and will manage to stay away from it and overcome it, just like I did.
    However, at the present time, I'm totally disappointed by nowadays' people. They're no better than the murderers that preceded them and who indulged in their very same kind of fascism. Theirs is just the juvenile manifestation of that malaise.
    I see so much potential wasted in hate and regressionism.
    For information about Pokémon Grape please consult its ReadMe file, don't bother me beause I am no longer active as I retired. And please, do not ask any question to other Users unless the question is not already answered in the ReadMe, especially with questions about Quest/Scenario. Farewell! :)
    Too bad, I was looking forward for the final release of Grape, now you ve even deleted the youtube videos, pictures and no more updates for couple years...
    In case you aren't aware just wanted to let you know that the download for v2.1 of pokemon pink has down for a few months now. Would be nice to have it fixed.
    Yes I know how you can do it lol. Why are you flaming me 80C? I am not against your hack or anything you have worked on. I guess I misunderstood the devolve stone function, then read later it was only for Eevee evolutions in your hack.

    I really, really hope you don't think I am envious of a Pokemon Hack man. I just make graphics and spread the gameboy rom hack love.
    Thanks! It was definitely a nice surprise to sign in and see that the other day.

    Also, I saw the updates you posted to Grape. Looking good!
    Caro eiti, quando potresti passarmi quelle mappe? :(
    ormai il contest é finito

    Un saluto e spero quel video :)
    ci manca davvero averle pur di progressare molto piú veloce ;)
    Grazie mille!
    ci sará un gran aiuto sapere come sono le mappe, avevo provato di aprirle con PikaMap ma non andava mai.

    Penso l'unica cosa che differisca dalle novitá del grape originale siano i 7 tipi nuovi, non vorrei incassinare i giocatori con nuove tabelle di fortezze/debolezze, sopratutto perche non ci sono suficiente palette, e perche giá nel mio Final Red ho aggiunto il tipo Suono.

    Grazie per essere cosi atento :)
    Oh grazie, quel píccolo garage lo metteró, pensai fose estetico
    L'intergate della route 57 non l'avevo visto, purtroppo ho mappato basandomi su quello che vedevo e usando il Map viewer di VBA, comunque lo metteró al di lá del'acqua.

    Grazie per essere atento, l'aggiornamento é stato fatto ;)
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