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  • Aya bumbaklaat studyin'! I'm just kidding ahahahaha, glad you enjoyed Wisteria. I stopped because Hex Editing everything was too much of a pain. Now I've jumped into the assembly I can finally make a hack worthwhile! You can find the thread in Progressing Hacks :)
    Sorry! Only just saw your message on my profile! Wisteria is kinda dead. I dont have time for it now aha. ASM was really tricky for me to get into so I never bothered finishing it.
    Done :3

    Yup, so long as they have been worked on at some point during the last year then you can vote for them, regardless of which generation they're based on.
    I sent you an email with the finished Grape Credits song. (Just in case you see this before you check your email...)
    Sure, I'll see what I can do. I'll pm you my email address. I posted some examples of the music I've inserted into Maize Version in its thread.
    Yeah! I wrote a quick program that converts MIDI files into the music format for RBY. Although, it can't convert any MIDI file due to the limitations of the music in pokemon... I've successfully imported a couple songs into Maize version, so I know it works! I could probably help you out with some music, too. I'm on vacation from school now until the end of December, which means I have lots of free time.

    Thanks for the info on the intro cries. I had no idea they were stored differently.
    Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it. I agree about the details. I haven't gotten around to hacking things like the cries on the intro and animations for the new attacks, yet, but I wanted to release a playable version before I got too far into the school year. Are the cries on the title screen not tied to the cries of the pokemon being shown?

    I'm getting really into music hacking right now. It's pretty fun.
    Yeah, only mods and higher staff can rename threads so you'll have to ask one of us each time you want to change the title. I personally think that there should be an exception for the forums in the creative discussions section but oh well, that isn't the case.

    I'll get right on it :P
    Cool! Be sure to let me know what you think after you finish playing.
    I wish more people hacked Red/Blue Versions...
    yo, sorry i have been away for a while !!

    unfortunately...i never figured out how to do it.

    * although i am still interested in how to do it *
    Right now the Title just has Ho-oh in colour and it says "Pokémon Christmas" instead of "Pokémon Gold Version" but that might be cool to change it to be night although I might have problems with the pallet assignment to make the lit up windows so I might just make it be flying over trees and houses and all. I'll have to see.

    That idea with the ghost for S&L sounds like it would be great, I'll have to remember that!
    Well, I probably won't have much of a demo of Spirits and Legends ready in October, since at this point it is basically just a collection of notes and sprites. If I get enough together I may try to release a teaser video for it though.

    And I will come back to Secrets and Rumours, but with Christmas and SaL in the works as well, I probably won't have another demo in 2013 since there isn't a lot of time left in it. And I'll make sure the next demo of SaR is a lot longer than this one was xD
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