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  • Oh cool! How's that going? Competitive battling is intimidating haha, but so is anything competitive to me.
    Well like for example, I bought Final Fantasy VI Advance in 2021 but didn't beat it until 2023.

    Or if you count emulation, I first wanted to beat it all the way back in 2005 but... I kind of just started and stopped multiple times over the years and then just didn't ever get past the beginning. Then I got to the last dungeon on an actual cartirdge in 2021 and then just never finished it until earlier this year.

    Also hello lol, sorry for my tendancy to take off :B
    I do that sometimes lol. That or I spend 3 years trying to beat the same game :B
    I haven't really been looking at leaks, they could be real, but they also may not be so I don't want to get excited over something that isn't true. I feel kind of so-so about the game. The new Pokemon are cute, and the gem thing intrigues me but it doesn't really make me go "wow I need it now". Also I don't have the time to get hardcore into any game anymore ;.;
    Aw, delays suck :(

    Have you been following the Scarlet and Violet stuff? Or are you avoiding spoilers?
    Mostly off of forums like PC. I kind of self isolated for a number of years (outside a small amount of people) after stepping down. And I couldn't deal with sticking around anywhere. I kind of just did my own thing. I'm trying hard to at least be somewhat active online lol. I don't really have friends offline. I mean I do, but they're all either physically too far now and I can't see them often, or I couldn't tolerate being around conservative Christians anymore no matter how many years I had known them. Socializing online is not any lesser, just not as cool sometimes if everyone is like, states away from one another.

    Not so much hardcore into Pokemon anymore but I still enjoy the games every now and then. Been indulging in retro game collecting and work and stuff.

    How about you?
    Legends:Arceus has Home support already then?
    I'm still waiting for 2 swarm mons to show up in BDSP myself, before I'll go play Arceus.

    Thanks for the trade ^.^
    I have like 4 badges lol. I've been spending too much time in the grand underground. Did you get diamond or pearl?
    Without cloning, I can't really operate a trade shop for long... unless if I get extra shinies through chaining or something like that.

    I thought about opening a shop to complete my Pokedex, though. There are plenty of Pokémon I could breed to trade.
    I bought Shield like a year after it came out and I picked up the expansion pass earlier this year. The DLC was so worth it! It expanded the Pokedex and the areas to explore. So many legendary Pokemon available too.
    My excuse is being busy with school through 2019 and lately work. I also bought a house this year and it's a money pit. D:
    Shield is great! I like roaming around the Wild Area! It's one of the best features in the game. The story is ehh...
    I've been well. I came back a few days ago to check up on any Diamond/Pearl news. I bought Shield several months ago though. How about you?
    Ah lol
    I didn't recognize the name from the previous trades xD
    I'm searching the same code again =p
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