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  • Hiya! I'm hanging in there haha. @w@ You?
    Yes of course! I've been having trouble finding time to trade so I haven't contacted many people about it haha. Unfortunately today I'm out of here in a couple hours so I doubt I'll catch you again. Wed times should be fine for this week though!
    No problem :)

    I can get cloning right now, sorry I've been busy all day x.x If all else fails I can trade tomorrow as well.
    Jesus I'm so sorry, I had an emergency and had to run out. @@ Are you still around? My information is in my profile!
    Okay, thank you :)

    I won't be able to trade until Saturday. I need to edit my schedule in my shop, during the summer I'm going to have not as much time unfortunately.

    My TSV is: 0080
    Gotcha. Oh cool! If it's alright i might, but would keep it off my trade lists and just for my personal collection (I have one already but it's nice to have one directly from the source haha).
    No prob! Will you need any clones of this Pokemon after I hatch it? I might as well do it since I'll have it in my possession.
    That's 2 PM for me and yup, it works! Now I'll jot that down and see you then. xD
    And it's 10 AM here so yeah, you were one hour off. What time for you would you prefer on your Fri night?
    Huh, is the US in or out of Daylight Savings right now? My time zone converter gave me 1 PM here as 9 PM there so that might explain the difference. That's fine by me though! I'll take a note to be around then!
    "Catching" me is pretty impossible, which is why I ask for exact times; I don't hang around much if I don't already have a trade scheduled. (I already wasn't on yesterday due to no one telling me they wanted to trade then. @w@)
    Saturday I am always on a 10 AM though, and usually hang around for an hour or two, but no promises. After that I likely won't be around. I have an event in the afternoon (from 5 I think?) so I'll definitely be gone after that.
    Assuming you didn't give me a specific time cuz you don't know what your schedule is like, but at least a ball park idea would work better. Let me know! @w@
    AHA, I knew it had to be in one of those threads, but I didn't check that one. @w@
    Either works for me! Just depends on timing; if any of us three miss each other it could mean it takes several weeks, since I only trade on Wed nights and Saturdays.
    Hiya! Sure, I can do that! I have no idea what game that is tho, Soapyyy checked my TSV and listed it somewhere but I can't seem to find the thread. Can you, uh, do me a solid and link me to that info? >w>
    Not sure trading is gonna be easy though. My available times are my Wed nights from 7-10 PM or Saturdays from 10 AM (in Japan so GMT+9). Let me know what would work!
    Yes I can o7

    But you still can't trade until Thursday or Saturday correct?

    When we trade Pokemon you can just give me one of your Pokemon you caught or hatched in Sun and I'll take a look :)
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