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  • I do find myself thinking about Black Crystal and White Crystal a lot, especially when you had a mug of it on your signature. I hope you've been well though!
    I really hope we get a revival of him. Or at least some kind of small storyline in the afterlife. ;;
    Ooooo fascinating! You could even work in a theory about the train station too, and how he might have changed.

    I don't like how Alive!Burr treats tommy. ;(
    he may be spending more time listening to his chat (blood for the blood god).

    I'm sure he has his reasons for not mentioning it.. I mean, the Butcher's could have easily turned on Philza too.
    I know, he's just a bloody child. Plus there's a fairy large bring schlatt back movement too, so like I'm failing to see what the whole problem is to begin with. :/

    Bros gon' be bros DSMP or not.
    Thank you! I probably won't finish it cause I was just doodling around, but yeah it was lots of fun! Specially since I got to make him more ram/goat like.

    It's p ambitious but I might doodle busts or headshots of all the characters haha.
    And it makes perfect sense for an alcoholic, to just BAM, poof dead.

    But I'm hoping we see an even more aged, embittered, and manipulative Schlatt looking to cause even more economic chaos than ever before ...and Mexican Dream I guess? but with Dream currently in prison Mexican Dream could pose a threat, especially since we don't know what role he actually plays outside of a meme.

    To be completely honestly, I've not done much in the theorizing department as much as just appreciating the story. But I am excited to see what happens next!
    He had so much potential as a villain... or anything if given the chance! It's such a shame how he "had a stroke and dies" or whatever the script said. I'm hoping for a big Ghost Schlatt returns as some kind of omniscient demon being.

    But yeah, his character was so much fun and he brought so much intrigue! I'll follow the artist, thanks for letting me know.

    Have you seen this: https://youtu.be/R9_wo3aDm1o

    Like omg.
    I knew I recognized that dead alcoholic lush, lmao. Spoilers just in case:

    I now know why it failed
    I was using verion 1.1 instead of 1.0 of Fire Red

    (the error appeared when I loaded the rom, nothing else)
    Aye! That sounds dope! I'm all down to beta test whenever you are set to release a beta at some point.
    Hey there! I noticed that you are working on a project called "White Crystal" in your signature. I was hoping if I could help you out by beta testing, if that's alright with you? :)
    No problemo, it's one of the most well-executed, unique concepts I've ever seen in a Pokemon game.
    Hey, thanks! It's a ROM hack which my friend and I have been working on. It will probably be ready for its first release within a month or two.
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