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  • been stressssful ahah. Trying to wrap up my PhD studies. I think I'm posting on PC a lot to let out steam.

    been seeing more of you too lately, I think, or have you been around for months when I just wasn't? ^^
    yep that's right :>

    and yes! been to both, but most of my time was spent on the ontario side. to be honest i can't remember much of what there is to do given it's been years...and for only a few days. D8
    wait what do you mean? @_@ i'm only in a relationship with one person, my current pair on pc (bobandbill). staying with him for two weeks next week. i am loyal and don't support open relationships or anything aha. pairs on pc can be between friends, good friends, lovers, or pretty much whatever else -- it's just a fun thing! doesn't mean the person you're paired with is your SO or anything. =) most people who have pairs are paired with friends/acquaintances ~ hopefully that clears it up a bit

    that is amazing! you seem like you've done so much and i'm sooo proud of you, like damn. enjoy your trip to niagara! been there before and it's very pretty. :D
    congrats!! a lot has changed with me too.. in a relationship with a lovely guy as well as of a few months ago, someone here on pc. glad things both seem to be going well for us. :> where did you travel to?

    (hope you can be active though, even if it's just a bit! that would be hella awesome)
    oooooo hey it's been ages!! and yes i do, only been about 2.5 weeks now so not long \o/
    Im Doing fine. Btw, i apologize for the long reply as I was very busy with college and the like. And yes, I do like the anime Bleach. Its my #1 favorite anime ever!!!!!! #BleachForever
    I'm actually re-taking that test tomorrow, I find it funny that I failed over one point last time. I've almost certainly got it this time :p
    Hey, I'm pretty busy all week, but I can probably fit you in Thursday/Friday/Saturday night EDT if that works
    We could do the battles anyway and if they say it's too late then it's not too much of a loss. NU, OU, AND UU sound good.
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