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  • Yeah, they did a RPG theme motif with the Kalos starters. Chespin being the fighter, Fennekin being the mage and Froakie being the thief.
    PokéShipping! or as the oldies (me) tend to say, AaML. Pffft. No idea why people termed it "Ash and Misty Love" bc that is one of the dumbest things ever to say but whatchu gonna do. My nevermet ships are MoltenGold (Aurea Juniper/Chili) & FourthWheel. My favourite normal ships are CaféMocha & Diode. And ofc platonic!Rocket. :3
    Yeah. And at least in the Pokémon fandom, all the ships have names. No seriously, all of them. Ash/May is AdvanceShipping, J/J is RocketShipping... a lot of the XY ones haven't been officially decided yet but Ash/Clemont is probably going to stay being Diode. Bonnie/Max is FourthWheelShipping, Ash/Cilan is CaféMocha, etc etc and I really shouldn't be able to rattle off so many off the top of my head cause I could go on and on.
    Haha, well if it were up to me I'd sell you my car. :p I hate it with a fiery passion and I'm desperately trying to convince it to give up on life by neglecting it (nothing that would defy the rules of the road though!). There's no law that dictates that I must have a dashboard soooo

    Aw, what happened with you and your girlfriend if you don't mind my asking? ;o; That's so sad.

    Okay so maybe girly girl was a bit dramatized. I'm pretty low maintenance overall and I certainly don't need a man to do anything for me (hell, I make more money than my bf xD). I've got a tough exterior.. I'm just squishy pink goo on the inside. Caporen? :o Can't say I'm familiar!
    Ah, yeah I know what you mean. Money is a hard thing to come by nowadays and it's not easy for anyone out there. Luckily, with the right connections, you'll be able to find a car on the cheap. It might be a fixer-upper, but sometimes it's satisfying to work hard for something and have it pay off.

    Now see, I'm a girly girl of the most pink variety. Fluffy, soft, sparkly, pink, cute... these are things I usually can't resist lol.
    Um shipping is the belief that characters would/should/could be in an interesting relationship. Have you not encountered the term?
    It was pretty great actually! My boyfriend sold his old car over the weekend to a guy with the best dog on earth (and made 500 bucks no less [trust me it was worth even less than that lol]), so we both got to tinker around and do car stuff. :)

    I know! Like, honestly, I think Sylveon is my spirit animal or something. ;o;
    Idk I've never really liked them as a couple. Like I ship indiscriminately but I certainly have preferences for how I ship- to me J&J are platonic life partners. Completely inseparable but little to no sexual attraction there. Romantic maybe, sexual probably not.

    I don't mind the dub tbh. Like I prefer it for marathon catch-up like what I've been doing for up to season 14 because I don't have to be looking at the screen and can multitask. And I'll watch it if it's on TV. But I def prefer subs because the original intent is often conveyed better and it was made to fit those lines rather than the dub scripts, which tend to sound awkward.
    aha, sall good I'm just being stupid, I love both to be honest. I mean you can't go past B-man and S-man!
    I think JJM are absolutely inseparable and completely adore each other on a deep platonic level but you're right: what do we know of them? Why did they join up with Team Rocket, why was that the solution to whatever problem they were having? How does Team Rocket actually operate, anyway? Why are they clearly competent in Unova and in Training Daze, but are generally shown to be bumbling? It is a mystery.

    I feel like in the future the two of them could create a wonderful daycare/grooming center tbh. James' absolute love and care for all Pokémon and Jessie's interest in making them as beautiful as possible could work well together. idk I just really actually see James as a breeder, but that is hard to show during a travel narrative.

    I bet they do live in Lumiose, probably close by the gym too if they have some kind of connection to it. Which they will ofc. But yeah we probably won't get much info on them until everyone's back in Lumiose- we have Serena to focus on for a while.

    I still haven't lmao so bad. I need to find a subbed version somewhere and actually sit down and do it. I just don't want to watch the dub because it's got what... 20-30min cut off it? I don't like that.
    Marvel rules! . sorry couldn't help myself, since i see you are a DC fanboy .. Marvel! =P
    Just wanna say, I love this conversation. I almost never get to talk about real comics with people. ;o;

    I'm a Marvel fan. u__u; I can't help it. I will always love the Avengers more than anything else. Venom, Deadpool, this are things that I can just never turn down. But-- I gotta be honest, Fables is one of my favorites too, so DC's got me in a more "not traditional superhero" kind of way.
    That's true. idk I've probably been almost seeing it as a dark type because my own just knows dark and normal moves lmao. I just feel like it would fit her inner stylishness. I'm kind of wondering if Jessie and James are going to have some kind of plot on their end tbh. Like Jess had contests for two regions and those gave us most of our amazing Team Rocket time; I wonder if they're going to find something that suits them? I'd like to see James in the limelight but Jessie's certainly more suited to it.

    Yeah it's def strong. But it probably only battles out of necessity- the food belonged to it so it would fight for it. Other than that it seems like a cheerful troublemaker.

    I think initially they hid it because Ash probably wouldn't take kindly to the people that were sort of responsible for one of his many near-death experiences. And then they kept hiding it because they didn't want Ash to think differently of them since they all got along so well? idk. We'll find out at least when he gets back to the gym. Or when another character recognizes him haha. That said, I wonder why Sycamore didn't know him...
    Agreed! I felt like his character has actually given some justice in the movie, even if he did just complain for most of it lol. And honestly, I don't blame you. TWD is a hard read if you're not sold in the first few comics. And it's waaayyy too expensive if you're looking to be current on it from the beginning.

    Ah! I totally forgot about Martian Manhunter! Definitely not the most conventional answers given that most people are all about Batman/Superman/Spiderman/whoever got a movie, but I like how you've got an appreciation for his real weight in the DC universe. He's definitely one of those easily dismissed characters, though.

    And hey, pretty soon we're going to get a Batman/Superman movie, so that's only a handful of characters away from a full fledged Justice League movie! Hope is not lost yet!

    Okay, let's get to the meat of this discussion. Marvel or DC?
    Oof, that's a hell of a question.

    Honestly, different heroes strike me at different times in their stories. In this moment, I like Matt Fraction's Hawkeye the best. With Rick Grimes coming in close second. Other notable mentions involve Batman, Clayton Crain's Venom, Nick Fury, Immortal Iron Fist, Dr. Strange..

    I can do this all day .____.

    I'm going to put you on the spot now. Who's your favorite? >:)
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