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    Hi, I've been really busy and sick over the last week and I haven't touched PC. I see that I missed the deadline, so I don't know what happens now? I'm still willing to battle if that's an option.

    If not I'd rather you take the win considering it was my fault for not being on
    I'm not fond of OU, and although I'm not fabulous at NU or UU, I'll play them. Does NU sound good?
    Well first let's figure out what tier we're gonna do. I personally would like Monotype, how about you?

    As for timing, I'm around almost every day from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM Eastern Time.
    Heyyyyyy remember me? Haha it's super awkward because I'd still like to be a part of this community, but college is literally insane and I just don't have time to do internet-y things. I'm on (a much needed) spring break right now though! Haha the game I tented for was a Duke vs. UNC game; it was good but we still lost :'(. But anyways in case I don't see you in a while I'd like to say thanks for being someone cool to talk to!! Hopefully I'll find time to be a part of this community in the future :)
    No worries, I've been pretty inactive as well for the past few weeks.
    i would battle today but i just woke up and am getting ready for work. wont be back for about 11 hours
    hey we're set to battle for the ou no fairies and we've only got the next two days to do it in. so we can battle later tonight, tomorrow night or the night after.
    You lived near Cincinnati? You actually weren't terribly far from me! I'm a midwesterner as well :) I hear ya though, trying to pick who you want to be is really overwhelming. SO MANY CHOICES! I think a lot of the fun lies in picking someone you look nothing like. It makes it interesting!

    19 HOURS? I did 18 while working and that was crazy stressful. I send lots of good vibes your way to get through it~~ I'm glad it's not wearing you down too much :) You have to make sure to unwind and have fun once you finish up school!!
    Oucchhhh 7?! I've never had to do an exam for all of my classes, even in year 11 and 12, when exams are most prominent, I've only had 4-5 exams
    Sorry for the late reply, last week was a bit crazy haha. I finished up Rocket's Investigation and Supporters 4 a bit ago and I'm just now finishing up Mafia of Silly Dragons (it was awesome). And yeah, I'm supposed to be doing one type per day but I super haven't been keeping up >_>
    Don't worry about emblems, the PPC already has some and we, quite frankly, have too many in PC's emblemsystem as it is.
    not just the first two years, I'll probably learn nothing until grad school.

    idk about computer engineering though, I'm not really a hardware enthusiast.
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