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  • Better smile than sulk ! And oh... well... it's okay ! xD I might not be herewhen the time comes so.. eh. It's fine :P.

    I wish you the best ! Keep going and kick bums ! :D
    I'm so silly, I actually meant SR not Knock off, but whatever xD And nice ! Hope you have fun :) (happy birthday in advance !)
    Yo ! I've finally reached the Battle Resort (I was waiting for my friend, hence I didn't make any progress until recently) so, if you still need that Knock Off Shuckle, I will gladly teach it the move !
    Yeah, that would've been great with X/Y. Dunno why they didn't do it.

    Theyprobably won't do anything about it though; people technically aren't supposed to make ROM hacks either but nothing bad happens unless they try to do something stupid like claim it's 100% their own thing or try to make money offa it.
    I made the gif from this video:


    Apparently people were able to pull the character models from ORAS and were even able to animate them. There's now a bunch of funny videos on Youtube with the characters of ORAS.
    That's awesome ! We've both had an amazing Christmas it seems. :3

    And I forgot to tell you that I haven't finished the game yet so I don't have access to it yet either, but I'll make sure to let you know when I'm done. Just wanted to know if you were still interested c:
    Hey it's me ! Judt telling you, if you still have that Shuckle, I can teach it Stealth Rock, I got AS for Christmas (along with Smash Bros) which was a real nice surprise. xD Dunno if you can trade MT'd 'mon though.
    Eh, yeah... I won't be getting ORAS anytime soon either so.. yeah xD That's a real shame. And sure :)
    Oh... thought you had acquired a copy for yourself. I don't have one else it wouldn't have been a prob for me. And eh, well... I am done with the request already but if you still want your Shuckle you can still get it. xD And thanks, though it's unlikely to happen.
    Hey there ! Just looked at your request again, and checked how to pass Stealth rock onto Shuckle, and I found out it's not an egg move but an actual Move tutor move. So, if you have ORAS this won't be a problem, otherwise I will only be able to pass Knock Off, I'm afraid.
    Well, kyubey is allowed there.

    That pretty much sums it up. He got banned from #bulbagarden after some exceptionally bad comments. I was there at the time and witnessed, not missed the actual ban.
    As for news stories, I get most of my news online. But I let the local news play when on, too.
    Is it the same server that #bulbagarden is on? I've been active in that, and visited #thepokecommunity twice there.
    Casts net over your head, Villager style. #SSB

    I saw a news story about that all the way over here in Ontario. Making national news.
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