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  • Hey Admison! Can I add you up in Friend Safari? My FC is: 1521- 6387 - 2299. My safari type is Dragon. I have shelgon and fraxure. You can add me back if you want. Thanks!
    Do you mind explaining to me what a battle server is in PC and what you can do with it?
    Too bad that's not me lol. I want to get better,but I don't know what to do. I usually just mess around with teams.
    No worries haha. I personally thought OU was the common tier. I've never played Uber ,but that seems like a lot of fun! I'm a big fan of UU personally.
    haha thanks! it just fit too well and Primeape is my boy so yeah

    Its going pretty well, i love all the threads and fun discussions there are on here.
    Im even looking at trying the roleplay stuff, more fun than i thought it'd be!
    Haha, not a problem, it's good you got something out of it too!
    Ooh what tier do you play? Also I have a lot of respect for you for being able to go through that lol.
    Alright I'll see if I can suggest them. So tell me, are you into battling? If you are, doubles or singles? I personally play smogon singles. I play a lot on pokemon showdown because I'm too lazy to learn how to breed pokemon lol
    Also, to answer your question on the welcome thread, I really like the way the old games played which is probably the main reason I like rom hacks.
    Oh! Thanks so much. It happened in March so it was a while ago now.. still happy about it. Means a lot ^^
    'sup 8)

    sorry I didn't reply to your last message btw. good to see that you're still around though!
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