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  • Hi Aeroblast, didn't want you thinking I was ignoring your post, I just feel we might have dragged the thread off topic. If it's ok with you I was thinking of asking the mods of that section to take our posts and move them to a purpose built thread
    Hi! Remember me from your trade shop? It's just a personality trait of mine, but I noticed your lengthy absence, and it concerned me. Is everything ok?
    oh wow that's lucky. i've been taking college too slowly just to not stress myself out which is why i dont even have my associate's yet

    I'll be honest, I miss seeing you post in C&T like two years ago. iirc you enjoyed programming and awhile ago we had a thread but it died
    yeah, my semester begins in two weeks; I've got a lot going on from working to classes and even a few clubs

    are you still taking computer science classes? i can't remember if you were but it's been a long time so pardon me lol
    they ruined it in the dcc.
    One moment please, and I'll be on right away! Gotta do something really quick before hand then be right to it 0u0'''''
    Oh if you don't want to do that, then thats fine n,n' I just saw you in the clone thread, and wanted to ask directly. Just one, thats all I desire~
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