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  • Hello sir can you tell when will Pokemon RGBY VOL 2 will release on android because android players also want to play it hoping that you will reply
    Hi. I was wondering what theme you used for Blue, the girl rival, when she meets Red for the first time. Been loving the ROM so far.
    Hey I am using the latest update and I just got to the zapmolcuno chapter and it keeps freezing after 5 moves with zapdos... any way to fix this? Cause I can't beat a detect spamming zapdos in 5 moves
    Hi just wanted to tell you that im having problems trying to play your rom on iphone 8 with delta emulator, hopefully it can be fixed soon i liked the game till it crashed on viridian forest, now im trying to play older version 14.5 i let you know if i have any problems, thanks for the great rom!
    Hi there Aethestode. You and I haven't spoken before but I assume Lunos told you about me. I'm Allen, I've typed up walkthroughs for Adventure Red Chap Beta 14.5 and 15. I found out that Lunos is no longer keeping up with the project and since I am not on Discord I hope to hear from you here. Lunos usually covered the Bonus Chapters on Youtube and that helped me when I covered them in the walkthroughs, but now that he won't be doing that I am hoping you could send me a guide for the Bonus Chapters, extra events and so on which have been added to the Expansion update. The guide should include how to trigger and how to complete the Bonus Chapters and all. Any other changes which need to be put into the updated walkthrough, add that to the guide too. Is that alright with you?
    Ended up making the expansion work on my 3DS but I noticed some audio glitches when I tried to start after the kanto saga (I was in the middle of the orange archipelago saga and I was playing beta 14.5) so I'm just gonna start from the beginning but it's worth it cuz it's such a good game
    Is there anyway that the new Beta15+Expansion will be made available with a smaller file size to be able to be played on hardware or to be put in a cart?? I was able to play 14.5b on my modded Gameboy but it won't let me for the new beta and I would love to be able to :(
    I hope you will make pokemon adventures gold chapter
    Where you can play as gold through the johto region
    Or if you are doing the same but instead it is red not gold
    Orange arc is all an original idea Red didn't go to the archipelago, after Kanto leauge he retired from Pokemon training at least in the Manga that is
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