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  • Love your Adventures Red hack, and heard your working on a part 2.

    question though, sense your revamping this one, have you considered revamping your version of Adventures Yellow?
    Hello I'm to love the hack rom pokemon adventure Red chapter, this last update was amazing .
    I still hope it will be complete because I want to bring to my channel, and it's a shame to be taking time to be done but I look forward to an incredible story
    For me pokemon adventure Red chapter is the best rom hack.
    I hope to see it finished for the year or this one there for December.
    I'm waiting for news.
    Just saw that your favorite pokemon is Venusaur it's mine too even my profile photo is Venusaur. I don't know why but i am too happy??????????????????
    Hi, i am a great fan of your Hack Rom Pokémom Adventure Red. And I would like to know if you could share the sprites used in the game. I promise to give credit to your work.
    Guys he's making the manga in the form of a game. this story was NOT his idea. if he will bring Mayla or pink back to life, they probably wont have an impact on the story because that wouldn't be canon.
    I would like to see Red have a romantic love life in the next updated version, also have Pink to have faked her death and show up in Johto, same thing with Mayla (Red's Mom) please consider this idea, from Pokemon Fan,
    For any person other than Aethestode reading this, Spoiler alert

    I absolutely love this hack cause it's quite different from all the other hacks I've played so far. It's dark, funny, intriguing and suspenseful, but most of all, the only story from the pokemon universe that I've seen come this close to reality, with all the murders and a corrupt government and stuff like that. It shows to what extent crime syndicates go to for money, power, etc. in reality. I've always wondered what it would be like if Pokemon really existed and thanks to you now I somewhat have an idea ;) Pokemon always had this concept of conserving nature and stuff in it but it was more focused on younger.... much younger audiences and now this game has done nothing but strengthen that concept in it but with a storyline for much older audiences. It's got all kinds of different elements in it, like how some grunts are doing what they're doing because of their financial problems and some are just dumbf***s (my bad...) who want to do crime, how influential but bad people would play with the minds of the innocent people (like Brown and Pink) to fulfill their greedy interests. He also loses some of his loved ones which was completely unexpected but it just shows reality again, how this world isn't the strawberry world shown in most Pokemon games or shows. I just love it, and I will always be supporting you. I literally took the time to compose this whole paragraph before sending it to you as a message. I've never done this to any other hack in its beta stages. I just can't wait for the day I get to play the full game, I wish you luck with it. Well, after all this I'm just hoping you read all of it😅
    Love from India!
    Hey, the content and concept of your game is a masterpiece. I have seem many hacks which just lack the charm, this hack is dark, silent, booster at some point, literally its the first hack wherein I have put efforts to raise the level of pokemon, and I guess you are even adding the shipping part well which makes this different from others. Keep it up, the first scenario about the Deoxys, I am eagerly waiting for it, hope you connect all the links in the next update.
    Hi, i'm Marcos... I'm from Brazil, and i want to do a Hack rom with you (i never created my own hack-rom but i know some thinhgs (not much)).
    After ALL this text i want to stay do you want to do a Hack rom with me?
    Hello. I'm so intrigued with adventure red chapter and would like to follow the progress. Can u make a discord pls. If u do have one pls share the code????????????
    Hi Aethestode, I'm a big fan of Pokemon adventure chapter red and I played all updates but I'm stuck now, can you please tell me where should I go after winning orange cup, mayla already died and I was in pallet town, please help me
    I'm playing latest version of your game
    I was wonder if u can make the pokemon adventures game just like the manga where they all switch from character to character with all different story lines if u can if not it's fine. but are you able to continue through the hoenn region in beta 15 like how we could in beta 11E
    athestode i have a plot for u to bring pink back to life. 1) zoroark's death was faked(he used substitute). 2)pink was kidnapped by zoroark cuz zoroark heard that they were gonna dispose of pink 3)zoroark turns into pink and takes pink's pokemons 4) zoroark saves red and dies 5)after his death and after the end of the orange archipelago saga pink comes back and explains everything that happend 6)they pray for a good afterlife for tht zoroark. (you can make the player play as pink) the chapter starts after visiting pink's grave and pink apear's in front of him. The explaining part can be played as pink as she battles with zoroark and loses Then gets kidnapped you can add other fights too cuz u are Athestode the great guy who made a great game.
    Hello aethestode, I was playing your rom back until I reached the orange archipelago where I battled brown after blue fell into a hole. My Pokemon were not fully healed and I lost the battle. I then found myself suck in the wall of a Pokemon center and unable to move ( I even tried the walk through walls cheat and still did not clip throught the walls) I hope you can respond and I also hope I'm not being a nuisance.
    So, not sure if you're gonna check back here soon, but I've almost gotten done with the Red Chapter hack myself. If it'd be okay to ask for either a private convo or an invite to the server behind it, I'd like to offer a bit of constructive criticism on the weirder parts of the hack. This obviously isn't the place to voice any concerns for it though, so yeah.
    Thank you so much for those amazing hours of fun. I love your HackRom. Please keep working on it. I really want to join the discord if it is possible.
    I also love this hack and there is also beta 15.4 right cause that's what I play
    Red is so cute and ramuh has made the game very easy
    But I wanted to know about his many regions are the in the game
    I'm a huge fan of Pokemon adventure Red chapter,. I would love if you could let Red either date Blue or Pink or Misty. Also I'd love for you to have a choice to save pink, have Mayla not die. Have Ash wake up from his Coma 2 days after you start your journey, and have Pikachu still be alive but with professor Oak, and have Ash participate in every Leauge.
    Also can You please send me the invite to the discord.
    Thanks a million
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