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  • Me too! I recently started a new saved file of Platinum! Did you play Sword/Shield? If so, how did you like them?

    I agree! Working and learning is truly rewarding in the long run, I feel as though I'm learning how to be a functional adult more and more everyday!
    Yes, indeed! It's lovely to see you around and active again. It's been quite some time! Anyways, I'm wonderful. I'm working a lot and I have a summer class that begins soon - I'm busy to say the least! I don't mind it, though! I feel incredibly proactive!
    How are you, hun? You were one of the first people who added me on here and I thought I'd reach out and say hi! ^-^
    It'll be easy once you get the first Lucemon, easily finding Angemon in Fighter personality to de-Digivolve one. I kept grinding in the farm until it was enough, and I didn't want to go for extreme training because I am such a emotional person lol.

    On my team now: Rosemon BM, OmniShoutmon, Omnimon Zwart, Lucemon, Ouryumon, Dianamon, Beelzemon, AeroVeedramon and Sistermon Ciel. I don't have enough Memories left so, training AeroVee to be UlforceVeedramon and Sistermon Ciel to either Sistermon Ciel (Awakened) or Lilithmon. All of them have their ABI over 100 now. I find it easier to force encounter and have the Battle graphic thing turned to 'Short' beside a booth to the DigiLab. I also Load Digimon to the ones I need levelling up after they get harsh training.

    For my Switch version I am trying to gain an all-no-anime-characters'-monsters-team.

    I spent like 2/3 of my time training lul. I guess I'll only be able to play Hacker's Memory part after I am done with Sword and Shield.
    Hello so how is your CSHM Digimon Complete Edition ongoing?
    I just got Lucemon because I am still taking it so slow on CS.
    I heard you can gain access to both side's Digimon on either games after you complete both :o
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    Scuse me, but is your username based on the manga "Those who chase the Ageha"?
    Heya, I'd love to be your mentor if you'd like :DD How would you prefer to chat? I can do VM, PM, also Skype and such!
    VM on my profile next time.

    And I see your username origin, it's a combo of your name (Ageha) and your birthday (1304).
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