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  • No problem! It was about time ^^;
    As for genshin though... sad news, I haven't been playing in months as I kept growing frustrated with the game. Having eternal boss fights, lack of damage, and basically FOMO from not getting all the new characters just... made me realize that maybe I'm better off playing different games. Never say never but... that's the situation ♥
    Pft I'm still such a beginner... I have like 12 characters or so, I still have no idea who to prioritize in my teams, everyone is C0 except maybe Barbara of all things (C1 ofc) and I still have way too many Cryo people, with Qiqi being my only 5 star of all things! I'm also thinking that I'm not leveling up my party appropriately for my AR because everywhere I go is "highly dangerous" :P

    So yeah, Noelle shields help a lot with that. Same applies to freezing things, as I've just discovered... because wow does it take a while for me to defeat even basic enemies >:\
    Oh thank you! In the little time I've played Genshin she's become my main - super helpful with the shields and the team-wide healing - so I had to give her some spotlight ♡
    would recommend lol it was pretty rough. i plan on doing other games and it'll be more difficult considering most games don't have a lot of options on the first route.
    you can only use pokemon on the first route! so in emerald, i have a team of linoone, mightyena, beautifly, and dustox. :)
    yesss definitely drop in some time! i play a lot of things and you know pokemon challenges are one of them. :) i've been streaming a 1st route only challenge in emerald! here's a link!

    omg really??? but you're so right time really does fly! i've been in georgia for 3 years now. it's crazy aha
    been adulting myself! i also stream on twitch now. life is just a-goin. glad to see you're still out and about! :)
    /sorry for the late reply

    Best wishes for your husband, and I'm sorry for what you're going through rn. But it's good you're recharging! COVID has taken toll from all of us, it seems.
    oh gosh I haven't RPed in soo long, we have some really dedicated RPers who make incredibly detailed posts but it's probably not something I'd have time/energy for ahah

    but reading them sure is fun :D
    dang that's crazy!!! only a few months for me :OO

    ugh... yeah. Tell me about it. x_X Hope you're having fun wherever you are, how long is it for?
    omg! missed you! that's okay, life can get crazy and always comes first... can't believe it's been this long <3 I've been ok!! lots of life changes recently (got married and hopefully moving to Australia in the next few months, if border closures approve of me coming in...) so it's been pretty hectic too. I hope you're ok, especially with COVID T_T
    hehe, it's a nice flair! Mine's pretty simple, but I like it all the same! Ah, the badges are for certain conditions and conditions, but there's usually a list of em' for each board I think~

    Anyway, life for me has been filled with ups and downs, but I'm hanging in there! I'm sorry if things have been hectic for you; if you wanna vent about it, I'm happy to listen anytime~ but yeah, glad to you. ^^
    Oops, I also took 2 months >.>

    I am doing well, just doing my thing (work and all that good stuff). Life's mostly been okay, nothing too out of the ordinary, still playing games and what not, though I've branched out more and now I don't spend all the time playing Pokemon :B I uh, still have yet to get around to getting Sword or Shield, but with the DLC bundle that's come out I more likely to pick it up lol.

    And wow :D Congrats!
    Re: Mutagens, there are 9 total, each one is in, or close to, each city. There's a list somewhere, I'll find it and put it on the front page.
    Xp got changed b/c of the daycare system in the base. Putting your pkmn there lets it rise in levels while walking around, making it a lot easier.
    Cerulean cave isn't quite done yet, unfortunately.

    That's weird about the quests... I haven't run into that issue before.
    It's like 95% complete maybe? Most of the stuff missing is little sidequest stuff, or the odd battle animation, or a random bug.

    I'm somewhat working on it! I always seem to come back to it eventually!
    The most recent version should always be in my signature! Thanks for playing!
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