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  • although i did make some fakemon eeveelutions of my own for ghost and poison type for my hypothetical region. i uploaded it on DA in the fakemon folder, although they're kind of old sprites
    hey man! thats super awesome of you to do! thanks so much for the support

    as for the trainer and eeveelutions, i'm thinking about it but it's not really a priority for me at the moment. maybe some time in the near future once i finish more stuff for smogon and PC
    i don't really do gba formats for my fakemon on DA, since i plan on using my fakemon for something in the future. i did make two fake eeveelutions, but only front sprites. they're on my DA, but yeah, they're for personal use
    hi there! thanks for the compliments :) although I dont have that much liberty in gen 6, although I did give MrDollsteak my version of xerneas, just that hes more active on discord

    as for the slots thing, im not very good with hack stuff yet. ive only done really basic stuff a few years ago. I dont get to practice. but how about try to follow the way deoxys is inputted into the game? or how spinda is?
    It seems I won't be able to remove the infraction points, but they'll expire on their own in March. We have strict rules against linking ROMs, though, so it was warranted.

    Just be good until then and everything will be fine. <3
    Ah, that answers a question I had. Members *cannot* edit their threads when it is locked. I'll unlock it right away.
    I don't know, this was created so long ago that I don't remember the details. A more modern version was created by Spherical Ice in the same thread (probably within the last 2-3 pages) and I suggest you use that one instead.
    Yes. Yeah, little endian format(reverse hex)
    Give the new items the same Held Item Effect byte as that of Macho Brace. The stat boosted by the power items are differentiated by the Item Quality (same field that specifies the hp to restore for potion).
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