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  • I took this screenshot the other day whilst drunk and have no idea what I was planning to do with it.
    alllllennnnn is cute
    if only I didn't dislike Lavi's new voice in hallow...maybe then i'd watch
    lmao maybe it's just me, but I feel like it taught me patience, how to deal with stress, and other typical things like that but i suppose you can learn that mostly anywhere else. hell if i'd ever want to do customer service again though, unfortunately at my current job i have to do two hour shifts at the front desk three days a week and it's awful sometimes /: lemme sit at my desk answering phones and working on the comp lol

    you been there a while???
    oo ok
    honestly as janky and annoying as retail jobs can be, i feel like they teach you a lot of people skills that are necessary to get further in life/career
    ahah eh it's not that big a deal really, before this i just did receptionist/temp/intern/retail of work and retail sucks for sure... i hate dealing with customers, even though people tell me i'm super duper friendly when i talk lol. but hell if anyone wants to be paid near minimum wage to deal with angry customers constantly, its such a thankless job
    what store/shop do you work in =o
    I work at a college registrar office verifying education/degrees earned for employers and drafting official proof of attendance documents, among other things
    it's a union job so it's secure and chances of being fired are near impossible, but geesh do i wish they paid better
    but i'm going to try to move up positions after a while anyway, and i can also take free college classes in these schools if i wanted to, so maybe i'll get a masters eventually
    yeah we only have the monday off since xmas eve is on sunday the 24th, and it is hella depressing, let's see if they let us leave early tomorrow... [ heavy sigh ]
    hell yeah
    i wish i still had those but alas ;___; really feeling the pain since both xmas and new year are on a Sunday this time, so we only have the Monday off..
    I've noticed that myself. That's why I avoid that trope as much as humanly possible. I just had a fantastic idea for a story that ventures into something I would normally not consider, but I got inspired by a story in a similar vein that went in a completely different direction. I think I'll start working on it... which may be a bad idea given the fact I'm already working on two, but we'll see.
    True. I'm not sure what character I'd say I'm best at writing... but it might be fun to pair a stuck-up, highly logical intellectual with a trickster just out for laughs. The logical entity keeps trying to manipulate the trickster only to find that it cannot comprehend the other, while the trickster keeps trying to get a rise out of the logical entity but never quite manages to get the desired reaction.
    Hmm... if we're comparing openings, then I'd say Revolution starts stronger. Reyes has more bite as a character, and the background starts interesting right away, rather than waiting for the end of the chapter to drop the 'oh shit' moment. And while the battle with Red is fun, there isn't a lot of tension behind it, since there's no buildup to it. Revolution has some buildup through the dialogue and description of the rebels. It's hard to say which is better since they're both good, but Revolution wins out by building tension from the get-go.

    Aside from that, there's no telling, since it's so early. My advice is that your main character needs someone to balance him out. He's very calculating and cold, and if he was paired with someone hot-tempered, caring, unhinged, cowardly, and/or stubborn, it could make for interesting character dynamics. Also, make sure to keep an eye on the tension, make sure to wind it up and let it loosen up periodically so the reader stays interested.
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