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    Where are you?And I'm so sorry......
    I agree, actually.

    It's like poop coated in gold, covered with glitter and sprinkles then served on a silver platter. Beautiful, but still poop.
    My second guess was the trolls but I guess from your reply... it is the quadrants...

    Good lord that's like the worst thing to do to non-homestucks, like the only time I joke around making quadrants is with fellow homestucks 'cause I know it'll annoy the shit out of people.

    Anyway, be somewhat glad that my homestuck talks will be exclusively on the fanclub or on the chat groups we've made. I could use a theme now and then but that happens rarely. I just kinda don it right now 'cause the webcomic ended last April 13th.
    Do I even want to know what happened?

    I'm more to the quiet side of the fandom that only goes through theories and art so idk what your friend does. I mean, I think that's how all of the Homestuck readers on PC go by. Its fandom is really something, so we chose not to delve into it and stick with our ragtag group of friends.

    I just hope it's not something about quadrants.
    I've been into Homestuck since 2012-2013. I'm just not really open about it ehehehe. :v

    Dark Candy secrets
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