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  • Hey! I haven't seen you around the forum in quite a while (I have also taken a long break)

    Do you think you will be returning at some point?

    I was thinking maybe we could start a more interactive challenge topic where a few people contribute at the same time so that we are participating in the challenge together. Let me know what you think?

    So I posted my Anime challenge for everyone to try. It's basically a standard Nuzlocke but without the first encounter. Instead your limited by the cast of characters and the corresponding Pokemon you chose for them prior to starting the challenge. Once you finish catching all listed cast members, you may not catch any more Pokemon.

    My inaugural challenge will utilize the show Star vs. the Forces of Evil

    Star Butterfly: Butterfree
    Marco Diaz: Machoke
    Jackie: Venusaur
    Pony Head: Rapidash
    Tom: Charizard
    Queen Butterfly: Lapras
    King Butterfly: Primeape
    Ferguson: Snorlax
    Alfonzo: Parasect

    Kind of don't need to explain any of them aside from Ferguson and Alfonzo. Ferguson is a heavy set character so I picked a fat Pokemon. Alfonzo kind of stays inconspicuously in the background because he's a social outcast(aka nerd) and hence I chose Parasect.

    Hope to start this challenge tomorrow provided I get approval, although I don't think I'll have the Flashy story that you're able to articulate so well. I'll simply have updates, although you're welcome to give my challenge a try whenever you feel ready.
    Powerpuff girls is an animated series here in the "States" that was recently revived last year. Here's a Wiki link: Powerpuff Girls Ironically enough, the series made its way to Japan as an Anime but with my Anime challenge, ANY animated show would work. Oh and TMNT= Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(hence 4 Turtles with a mutated Rat sensei and a human antagonist with a unique set of Samurai Armor that reminds me of the Pokemon Bisharp).

    Not sure how One Piece would work out though. Tempted to suggest my idea in the Idea topic of the Challenge board with my Code Lyoko example.
    Eh Ditto catch isn't so bad. It's getting a Pokemon with the correct Special value for the Pokemon you need that proves to be the sticking point. Also yeah, the 802 challenge kind of inspired it but I don't think it will work considering I have one copy of Yellow and no other means of trading/importing Pokemon short of Ditto Glitch and training them up the hard way(unless I use the item duplication glitch(a special case of Ditto glitch) to get Rare Candies).

    I might propose the "Anime" challenge or taking a favorite animated show that you like and creating a team based on the characters of the show. An example would be my last run where I based my team off of the French Anime Code Lyoko. You basically analyze the characters and try to match them to a Pokemon to the best of your ability. Like if I was to do TMNT, I'd do a Squirtle, Torkoal(if I could) or anything remotely close to a Turtle Pokemon or Ninja(like Greninja). Then Raticate for Splinter and then Bisharp for the main antagonist Shredder.

    I might do my next run on the Powerpuff Girls. There are three of them(four if you count the one they're debuting today as of right now or 5:30pm EST(still got 3 hours before it's revealed where I am)) and the line of Pokemon that best fits them is the Eevee line. This latest PPG appears to have telekinetic powers, hence a perfect representation of Espeon. However, if I base it on just the original three, I'll go with Blossom as Jolteon, Buttercup as Flareon and Bubbles as Vaporeon with Professor as Kangaskhan. Then I'd have to figure out who else to add to the team.
    Next challenge I might do is to beat the game using all 151 Pokemon in order. That is using each Pokemon line in battle against the E4 and Champion and therefore my first team will be Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Butterfree, Beedrill(via Ditto Catch) and Pidgeot. Next attempt will include Raticate, Fearow, Arbok(Ditto Catch), Raichu(Ditto Catch), Sandslash and Nidoqueen. Then so on and so forth through the list using their fully evolved forms ^^

    *Edit* I might opt to substitute Pikachu for Raichu and Graveler, Haunter, Machoke and Kadabra for the 4 Pokemon I have to trade in order to evolve rather than catching their fully evolved forms via Ditto Glitch and having to train them with just their base moves(they don't learn anything AFAIK). I could test to see if its true or not considering I have all 151 in my current game.

    I will add that it will be difficult to do some of this challenge since most of the Pokemon later on in the list don't appear until much later in the game so I might put a qualifier that I could challenge the E4 multiple times in one run-through(heck I might just do it now in my current game considering I have everyone).
    Whenever I face Sabrina, I find Pokemon with strong physical attacks(Body Slam, Slash, Hyper Beam... eh you can catch a Dratini in Safari Zone and grind the hell out of it to level 50 for the move and evolve it to Dragonair. Thing is will you be lucky enough to fish one) do extremely well since the Abra line lacks defense and hitpoints to withstand such attacks. Psychic types, in effect, are glass cannons(all attack, no defense). That's why I think your bird's and Claws will do best against her.

    I'll think about which type to go with. Might go with Ground, might not.
    In Yellow, Jynx is unavailable(Ditto Glitch catch) and I can't trade to evolve Kadabra into Alakazam(otherwise I would). I might look into a Ground Type run since Sandshrew can learn Cut and Nido's(Nidoking/Nidoqueen) can learn Surf(the two HM's ill need). I can catch a Nido early for Brock and would likely have to solo Misty as a Nidorino/Nidorina. Full team would probably be Sandshrew, Diglett, Cubone, Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Onix.

    Also I read your latest chapter. Erika was a cakewalk, as should Koga with Gwen and Stooges. Sabrina will be a toughie but your best bet will probably be Stooges. Got some grinding ahead of you though as Koga's ace is level 50 and Gary has a level 40 Jolteon waiting for you in Saffron.
    With regards to Beedrill, I *could* get it in Yellow but it would require using the Ditto Glitch to get it(can get any Pokemon in the game that way but can't acquire any Pokemon via the Glitch until I reach Cinnabar Island where Ditto first appears in Yellow). Granted I do believe hacking or using glitches is against the rules(but the Ditto Glitch is exclusive to Generation 1 and only Generation 1 games(not FireRed or LeafGreen)).

    Poison is a possibility but Sabrina and anyone with Psychic Pokemon would be your kryptonite. Psychic obviously wouldn't be ideal because Psychic is alas OP in Generation 1 due to a lack of counters(seriously Kadabra, Hypno and Mr.Mime is all I would need.

    I did think about doing a Normal Type run but I'd have to find a way to beat Rock and Ghost Types. Suppose Flying Types can counter Ghost's(as well as beat the Fighting Type's I'd be weak against) but I'll have to teach Dig to someone or use Super Fang and just outright brute strength Rock Opponents.

    As for your Nuzlocke, I'll look forward to reading it.
    Think I'm going to do a Yellow Monotype challenge in my next Yellow run-through. Just having trouble deciding on what type to go with. Fire is in the early lead but I'm also considering Normal and Water. Any suggestions for what you'd go with? I did Bug awhile back and it was tough to say the least but I managed to win thanks to Sleep, Psychic and Slash.

    Btw, when are you posting an update to your Nuzzlocke?
    Sorry late replies. College has gotten me so busy! It doesn't help that public transportation here has me waiting many hours for my bus to arrive because the bus company isn't hiring drivers to pick us up when they're supposed to come. (I could just get on data, but I type so much faster on computer and don't like writing anything too long on phone).

    I have a polish friend who speaks 5 languages including Japanese. She learned many if not most kanji and I have no idea how she managed to do it. Immersion definitely helps people learn languages faster, and where are you in Canada? Quebec? I want to visit there! :) I have a few other french Canadian friends actually and the closest one has helped me improve my own French.

    That's a very nice list! I totally agree with all of those, especially more makeup options and accessories since those are severely lacking. It really makes me think about how limited we still are. I also don't like the style of the longest hairstyle very much myself and am waiting for a good classic length hairstyle. I would also like some highlights and lowlights!

    That makes me want to try BOTW more. I like games that take forever to complete, even though sometimes I never end up completing them because of it. xD
    Well if you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask me!

    (I'm glad you like the background haha)
    If you want to refer to female friends only then "mie" is correct but you have to use "amiche" instead of "amici". :) Unfortunately Italian is not a very intuitive language like English. :(
    Hey! I just came back home from my first day at my advanced English class! It went pretty well, and all my classmates seem pretty unique and interesting. I hope I'll make some friends and overcome my shyness. :)

    I speak and write in Japanese. Not fluently, but enough to have intermediate conversations with people. I avoid using kanji when I write though, because I haven't properly studied it although I do use some basic kanji like '私', and "月", and other words. That's pretty neat that you learned so much from anime alone! How well can you read and write in Japanese? I find that the way Japanese people speak towards one another is much less formal than the way I have learned in my textbook, but thanks to anime you can easily learn some informal words and terminology. :)

    I definitely agree with those things about ultra S/M! I would love to see a return of gyms (I do also like totem Pokemon, but gyms are the best), and I would love new clothing, hair and accessory options for my player, and I'd really love to be able to cut my hair longer than I could in S/M. xD Thankfully they gave us more options to choose from than back in X/Y, but y'know the more the merrier.

    Oh I want to play BOTW too. :) It's actually the game I'm most looking forward to playing besides Odyssey, and when I saw the trailer my first reaction was "Nintendo, take my money!" The graphics, gameplay, music, and story all seem to be amazing, but I haven't played it myself yet.

    That's pretty understandable. My skin is not super pale but I burn in 90 degree weather myself, and I feel uncomfortable and start to sweat in heat passed 85 degrees F! >.<

    I'm not suuper super deep into fashion but I know what looks nice for the season or the occasion, and I love trying new styles when I can. :) I have so much clothes I can barely fit any more in my dressers and closet. xD
    Oooo, how many languages do you speak? Are you bilingual? ^^ I would agree that language learning can be fun, albeit sometimes difficult (Like Japanese was for me).

    By the way you're writing that nuzlocke so fast! I have so much to keep up with! Chapter 15 already... you're a machine. xD I couldn't help but spoil myself, and your team looks so good. Pssst.. get TM26 and teach it to Ivanna. I know I'm so bad. :D

    Ultra S/M has a few interesting new features, and I especially like the new Lycanroc dusk form and the possible return of buddy Pokemon. I don't think I'm going to buy it myself though; I want to save my money because I'm planning on buying a Nintendo Switch in a couple of months. (And I'm extremely excited to play Super Mario Odyssey when it's released in October).

    Ooooh so you're excited for cool weather? I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of cool weather in general (other than for the fashion), and I'm much more of a summer person.

    It's really good so far! You're a fantastic writer, and also entertaining. :) I chuckled at a few parts haha, and yeah that was a pretty good strategy. I'll have to stay updated so I can root for Ivanna and watch as shhe becomes a powerful Nidoqueen. ^^

    Awww. I think everyone who practices gymnastics bangs themselves up a bit, and that's just part of learning. I remember the time I hurt myself while doing a backflip outside. It's a bit hard to explain, but basically I nailed the flip, but my legs weren't prepared for the landing so I tripped over and banged my head against the floor. It hurt, but I've dealt with worse pain and I didn't break any bones so it was fine. :)

    Yeah you learn from all sorts of different experiences and that's why I like to say that failing makes you better in the long run! A few years ago I thought I was a hopelessly bad singer, but I never stopped singing and now I feel like I'm actually sorta decent! :D

    Aww ^^ A boy and a girl that's so cute and pretty much what I would wish to have for myself if I were to have children! How old are they?? Mmm I can relate to that. I don't think I'd be a good mother currently, and I'm also very lenient with children. I am pretty bad at teaching discipline haha.

    Yeah! In a way the movie makes me appreciate the anime more.. xD I didn't know Sailor Moon had a live adaptation omg, and Luna was a stuffed toy? Omg that is so silly.. like whyyyy. >.<

    Random question, but is there anything you're looking forward to currently? :)
    Ah that sounds fun. Nuzlockes can be pretty challenging. I am reading some of yours right now and it's pretty well written and at parts, very funny too. xD It's pretty impressive how you defeated Brock. I always remembered having trouble against him, but you took advantage of Onix's bide and punished him for it. I still can't believe you refused that Pikachu though. I love Pikachu to bits and could never refuse one. :P

    Yeah gymnastics can be challenging because it requires a lot of strength, balance, agility, and coordination, but practice really does help. I've been practicing gymnastics since I was really little, and it's good exercise and lots of fun too, and you feel amazing physically and mentally the more you improve. Sadly I've hurt myself a few times from it though, but never too bad. The great thing about falling is learning from your mistakes and improving yourself. ^^

    Ah your brother is married and I take it since he has a family of his own he has cute little kids too? :D That's really neat, good for him. ^^ I'm hoping one day I can get married and have children of my own too, but right now I feel it's not the right time. Maybe one day, or maybe not. Time will tell. :) I've watched the trailer but I'm not sure I want to see it given the negative feedback it's been receiving. So if anything, I'm feeling like re-watching death note haha. Wow one piece will have its own live action adaptation? Oh my, that sounds like it could be catastrophic. xD
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