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  • Ooo which thread?! I have barely seen any of your threads but you have seen many of mine! This is so one sided! D:

    Ha, being a zombie isn't fun. I could have had better sleep, but my body was like 'lolno' and I woke up extra early. Today my dad wanted to take me and our poodle to the park for exercise (The day was sunny with a nice gentle breeze) but I said no, because I was exhaaaaaausted. I usually go with him so I can run across the track. (I also do various other exercises, and cartwheels / gymnastics there).

    Mmmm we're similar, but I think it's pretty normal to lose sleep after watching horror and I also try to avoid watching horror late at night especially. Your brother sounds fun! If you two ever decide to watch horror movies together late at night, he can be there to comfort you. :) Lastly, you know about the Death Note movie right?? What do you think of that? xD
    Hey, I am extremely tired hru? :b

    Last night was really fun though. I watched the big fight with my boyfriend late at night and had a bit of wine to drink. It was great, but by the time the fight was over it was literally like 1 in the morning and I only managed to get around 3 hours of sleep! D:

    Aww I'm a scaredy cat too dw! :) Some horror movies cause me to hallucinate at night, and I literally freak out at jump scares. Like I'm the type of person who will literally jump and scream at jump scares, can't handle em will feel like I'm having a heart attack. xD Supernatural is pretty good from what I've seen of it. ^^
    Those are all nice choices, and yes I've seen Code Geass. Some people like to compare it to Death Note since there are a couple similarities I guess, mainly with the main characters both being anti-heroes. I think Code Geass is better than Death Note because Death Note loses its magic after L's death while Code Geass stays awesome.

    Ah yes, I get ideas from my writing from real life too, especially when I go outside and take walks and just observe people and nature. It's funny that your antagonists are partially inspired by people you don't like, that's turning something negative into a positive! Make sure you beat them up, or do something to make them pay for their cruelty! :D

    I have an inclination to write short horror stories, so the ending is the easiest part for me.>:D I haven't watched Yokai, and I'm glad I didn't. Pokemon all the way! Waking up at 5 is hell for me so that sounds like a nightmare to me, especially since I'm awful at adjusting my sleeping patterns. >.< Yeah talking to customers can be fun, I'm glad you have similar positive experiences. ^^
    SunGold and MoonSilver might be a good idea, if you did want to try them. You could always do an unofficial playthrough of it since hacks aren't in your rules. :)
    Same sub-forum, I meant. Sorry. :P

    Am I able to use your rules, if I give credit? I'll only slightly edit one of them.
    I love reading your Yellow Nuzlocke. You've inspired me to do a randomized Nuzlocke of my own. Once I've backlogged the required amount of chapters, I'll post it in the same thread as your fic.
    I've watched some gundam as a kid during the old toonami days, and it was really good. :) What about you?? My favorite anime is probably Elfen Lied, but I've watched most of the popular animes from back in the 2000s years and really enjoyed them. Yu Yu Hakusho is also up there, and Tenshi Muyo and many many others. Sailor Moon and Card Captors as well. :) I guess I prefer animes with action and captivating characters with interesting personalities.

    Ah that sounds interesting! What gives you inspiration and ideas for your writing? Do you get ideas from books, anime, manga?? I consider those all a good source for ideas when I'm writing something, but usually I end up either loosing interest so my stories usually end up going nowhere.. lol but it's not a big deal to me. It probably should be if I ever want to get anywhere with my writing though. I think I can be pretty creative at times but I'm hoooorrible when it comes to staying focused and motivated. =/

    I can agree that the new art style looks bizarre, and I don't really know what the heck was going through their heads with that! :P Haven't seen the Black and White saga but I'm glad to see they've made some progress with team rocket who I saw as nothing more than a laughing stock really and I preferred the team of Buch and Cassidy. Butch was soooo hilarious when everyone kept mispronouncing his name. :'D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AdXWyvQxYc

    In competitive I'd still toss in some cuties like Pikachu with Light Ball just for fun, and to make people laugh.They weren't laughing when I was destroying their team though. Grrrrr. :D I would love to battle you some time if you want. :) Idk if you've ever played Little Cup but there were people using Caterpie as a gimmick and they actually made the little guy work! IT was so cute and I was laughing sooo much. xD

    Ya was pretty late when I typed that, but I also have sleeping problems so I'm a bit tired all the time, and every day I feel a bit lethargic and suffer from cruel headaches. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I still try to work out every day despite this, but with less energy it's not as easy for me to keep up with fitness. I will tell my doctor about it next time I see him, but I've always had sleep issues of some sort.

    I used to work as a waitress at a cafe; me being a night person and had to wake up incredibly early to catch the bus (Which was already unreliable because public transportation is awful here) and then make it to work in time to serve breakfast and could you guess how much sleep I got on average day?? Maybe 4 hours on a lucky day, some days no sleep at all.. and I would show up with baggy bloodshot eyes and sometimes have delayed reaction serving people food. One time a customer got mad at me because of my slowness.. ugh. :c

    But I just grew to get used to my inconsistent sleep, and I have had more positive experiences than negative at work. :) Some customers adored me I guess because I was friendly and very easy to talk to. I've even let some people rant to me, and I tried my best to follow the conversations even if I didn't feel like it haha. I know I'm ranting though so I'll end this here. :P
    I actually hate weightlifting. It's sooooo painful and strenuous. >.< I feel the same about running though, but if you want to be in good physical shape for a very long time it's important to exercise, sadly. :P

    Ahh your story sounds interesting. What team are the criminals a part of? o: Are they affiliated with team rocket, or any of the other villainous teams in the main series? Sounds pretty interesting so far, just don't be like me and let yourself run out of ideas. I'm unfortunately pretty bad at writing. :D

    Stereopony is nice too, although I haven't heard a lot from them. I do remember liking them though, of course. My first exposure to Jpop was through anime too, but then I ventured out and started to listen to songs off the oricon charts. Let me show you one of the many songs I like if that's ok. :)https://vimeo.com/28352223

    I haven't heard a lot of SNSD but that sucks about a member being kicked out. :/

    I'm a current Pokemon fan but I do admit I'm not quite as involved as I was when I was younger when I was totally craaazy about it. I also watched the anime back then, and I loved the first two seasons. I don't follow the current anime at all though, I guess because I'm older and jaded. :P
    Ahh yes Starmie is also one of my favorites, and those are all pretty nice too. I take it you usually have a preference for fully evolved Pokemon. I like the babies a lot because they're soooo ridiculously cute.

    I hope everything I said above is coherent, I'm hopelessly exhausted and feel like I'm going to pass out. xD
    I do squats too, usually by a chair with 5 pound dumbells in each hand for added weight. The pain is pretty important so I try to do as many as I can before resting. Aw I'm glad I could be inspiring, I just like to improve myself in any ways I can, because it's really good for long-term health to be productive and treat your body right.

    Pokemon in real world? *Gasps* That sounds very interesting and I've thought about it myself. I'd imagine the world would be in complete chaos honestly. xD Imagine criminals getting their hands on powerful Pokemon, oh gosh we'd be doomed.. and there'd be wicked scientists trying to develop the strongest Pokemon. Haha well I'd like to read your fanfic some time, I'm sure you've got interesting ideas. :)

    YUI is pretty good, she has a really nice calm voice. I used to listen to her a lot when I was younger. Some of her songs like CHE.R.RY, Rain, Goodbye days, Summer Song, Life, and many others. She's definitely up there with Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada, Namie Amuro and some other all time greats. Kpop? I've listened to some Kpop a whiiiiiile ago, and it's pretty good but I think Jpop is more for me because of the melodies and ballads. I also like some western music too, and that includes some 80s and 90s stuff. ^^

    Haha of course I am a Pokemon fan you silly. :) I even play it competitively at times, and I'm not too bad either. :) Some of my favorites are pretty popular I think. Jigglypuff, Eevee, Ducklett, Lapras, Mantine, Lanturn, Psyduck, Seel, Ledyba, Absol, are among them. I also have some pretty unconventional favorites too that I doubt most people care for, like Electrode, Banette, Rhydon, Magmar, Jynx, and Electabuzz. What about you? :)
    Awww, be careful out in the sun! Do you wear sunscreen when you go out in the sweltering heat? I'll be honest and say that I rarely wear sunscreen, because I always convince myself "I won't be out too long, and everything will be fine." I should probably go out and get some damn sunscreen. xD

    Yeeesss, pushups are becoming a regular part of my fitness routine and today so far I did 72 total~ I remember when I was younger I used to just walk but now I'm trying to get in better shape. Pushups are a great way to build strength, and to build the muscles in your abdominals, chest, shoulders, and back so I've been trying to get into the habit of doing pushups at least 3x a week. :)

    Ah I think many people don't know what to say either, at least that's the impression I get when I'm making most of the new threads. Oh you write fanfics I see, interesting. I should read one of them some time. What are your fanfics about usually? :)

    Lastly what kind of music do you like to listen to? I'm really into Japanese music, but that may be a bit obvious. :)
    Aww sunburns aren't nice. =/ The only time I can recall being noticeably burnt by the sun was during my trip to Orlando Florida where I spent all day outside in 90+ degree weather! It was so hot that my skin turned red and started to flake, which was not that fun. xD

    I went to the park for a few hours and seemed I could move fine (My injury was some kind of cut on my heel from past running, which made it painful to walk without shoes)! >.< I just did walking and running intervals while listening to music, and sets of pushups in between. It was pretty nice and I feel so refreshed.

    Glad you're doing great as well. :) Which of my topics did you reply to? Joking, I'll find out myself, and I had no idea my topics would get that popular haha. I have a lot of my mind most of the time, so I just think of random thread topics on a whim like outta nowhere. I actually have to restrict myself from posting too many of em~
    Pretty good. :) Going to go to the park in a bit for exercise since the weather is beautiful over here, although it's going to be a bit hard for me to run because I hurt my foot. How are you doing? :)
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