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  • i got a new discord account bc i forgot all my details. lemme know your user if you ever see this :') or just add me mine is maghrebipunk#7523
    In answer to your last question in 2015, it seems like around every 5 years LOL.. or something.
    Regarding your most recent question, not bad considering we're still in a pandemic. And you?
    nice snag on the username! i had a hunch razor leaf was the one who swiped it back then. hope you stick around in the club of alex's lol
    oh, for sure - I've been pretty lenient on the writing compared to more critical fans who started hating on the series when they ran out of book material, and I thought people were being kinda picky up until season 7, where I could see the writing decline too, but this was. somethin else, lol

    not gonna give too much away aside from what you already know (ie its not great) but yeah, love to hear your thoughts when you're caught up!
    yo I've been seeing you post in vg for like a week and I had no idea you were marz until I clicked your profile THERES TOO MANY ALEXES ON PC

    and thank you, the season was a disaster but I still love her :senpai:
    i know right??? i remember you helping me w my french homework sometimes too LMAO. i thought i was gonna be in college forever but here i am three years later lol.

    oh god noooo. moving to atlanta has already been a pain. idk i feel like i'm just a homebody at heart. not everyone is meant to move off i guess?? i don't rly like it here lol. but oh well.
    oh hell yeah i'm proud of you man!!! i moved to georgia about a year ago and honestly i still hate it and i've been through three jobs and currently on the hunt again but hey it be like that sometimes. other than that, i been playing games, cosplaying, and writing. and shit posting here of course. lol
    okay that's what i thought, lol. i was like how did he snatch that from razor leaf... good deal tho. how you been??
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