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Alexander Nicholi
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  • Hi Alexander, I would love to appreciate the bio again, it was a nice read. Unconditional compassion, aah, such a fresh taste of the world =) It reminds me of a very close friend of mine who used to think similarly... Anyway, what are you expecting from 2020?
    I have not been crackalackin at the hackin in a while. I was looking into the disassembly stuff a bit but I haven't really done anything as far as legit projects go.
    Slr! I thought I already replied to this. Did it get posted when you tried again? Hope it gets lots of attention. I was just in PC's Discord, specifically #fangame-hub, and I had an idea for implementing Mew in Kanto-based fan games. Maybe I could share that with you, too. Although idk if your game has Kanto in it; we're all pretty Kanto'd out thanks to Game Freak.

    My status when it comes to leaving the uni for a bit. I have to get med certs and papers and it's this whole thing. I'm almost done with it. I just have to come back July 4 for the med cert.
    Unapproved threads are a bit funky when it comes to visibility. It comes with the territory I guess :P

    No worries, I reread your story and it does sound like there will be further changes as the story goes on so it should be fine in Progressing Hacks. That being said, showing a few more major changes in the screenshots wouldn't hurt lol

    Sure thing, I'll PM it to you in a bit~
    You made a post saying that you messed up by giving it the wrong icon so I deleted it.

    Also, aside from a few map edits/ text differences, it seems to be standard Emerald. If that's true, it should go in the Sideshow Showcase. If it isn't true, would you be able to post some screenshots showing off more substantial changes when you resubmit? Thanks.
    Wow, you shouldn't stay up late too much haha. What time did you post it? And what is swows?

    I've been good! Currently taking care of my status as a graduate student at my old uni.
    Thanks, its from a phone game called Symphogear XD Unlimited. I've never actually played it, I just really like the anime its based off :P
    man i wish that were the case here! must be decent pay where you live though

    nope not studying! i work for the city though, so i have good benefits and am unionized, so losing my job is near impossible. they do offer free tuition (credit limit per year, of course) but i haven't made use of it since i really didn't like attending school ):
    factory work seems very exhausting though :< i work the typical 9-5 with a one hour lunch break, but my commute here is around 2 hours each way so...it's very mentally taxing
    but next month i'll be able to request a transfer to another school since i'll be here for the required two years, so here's hoping they have openings in places that are closer to me
    pff window i wish, i have a cubicle...

    and ohh that seems really interesting. nice to be able to talk to people at the bigger companies and realize just how human they are, that's why i am always kind to anyone, no one is a robot ): glad you seem to enjoy doing this!!
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