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  • Oooo that's a toughy (: Shantae and the Pirates Curse is a good place to start I believe. That's at least the first game that I started with, and story wise there wasn't anything confusing. After that go with Half-Genie Hero - both are great games!
    Me neither, and I know I'll forget about it in a week, but it is really enjoyable.
    So long to wait x)
    Ohh I started the new magikarp game today... bad idea I think...
    I know, but I feel like a "breath of the wild" situation. We won't know nothing for years :(
    D: I told ya, I am a random individual. We skyped, you should know lol
    I am sadly not really hyped for UsUm...
    We are random individuals anywa, so it fits :)

    Hey, did we talked about Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun yet?
    I know it was on PC, duuuhhhhh yourself ;P But we did started out of something really random lol. Love it
    I don't even remember how exactly we first met :o haha it was such a long time ago! Still internet bff tho hehe ♡
    Yeah! I was thinking of you lately, mostly because of the poor election's choice that you have XD
    That random moment when I see in my friend list that you changed your avatar. You're back? :3
    Would you dig an idea of a fighting game based around music, in which the fighters are based on a music genre and their region of origin (e.g. an English zombie guitarist representing the metal genre, an American curly haired fitness instructor representing the pop genre, an English fat lady with Viking armor representing the opera genre).
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