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  • I'm gonna reply to this here since I imagine gimme might lose it if we continue this discussion in that thread lol:

    I don't mean to legitimize their beliefs/positions/whatever, it's just that squashing them seems to tend to yield the opposite of the desired effect. Their thought process isn't "Oh, maybe there was something wrong with what I said or did, and should think long and hard about my beliefs associated with that", it's more along the lines of "Ha! Those dirty liberals can't handle THE TRUTH and have to resort to bans or [insert some other thing here] to protect their evil little bubbles!" It just reinforces the idea to themselves that they're right really. And the more ardently one believes in these things, the harder it is to eliminate these things from society.
    lol there's an irony in that post considering how he's been going on about Brexit going through parliamentary procedure so I thought you'd appreciate it.
    I know you can see that I read your most recent post. I just wanted to let you know I'm not ignoring it... I just need to get to bed lol.

    I just feel that it sort of challenges my intellectual integrity to intentionally ignore a post that contradicts my POV, nor do I want to appear like that.
    hey, don't want you thinking im being rude and ignoring, currently on a bus home from work and my net is at best patchy so will reply properly when i get home and get settled
    Thay giao : Em hay cho biét Mat Trang xa hon hay Mat Troi xa hon?
    Tro : Mat troi xa hon a .
    dia chi hoc ke toan
    khoa hoc ke toan danh cho giam doc
    thue dich vu ke toan thue tron goi
    hoc ke toan o dau tai bac ninh gia
    hoc ke toan o dau tai minh khai
    dich vu bao cao tai chinh gia re
    Thày : Vi sao ?
    Tro : Vi sao cua Khoi My a
    Thày : ko, tai sao ?
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