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    Hello there. If I recall correctly, you once had a tileset for Acanthite posted here on PC. I can't seem to find it, and I was wondering if it was public now that Acanthite has been canceled.
    Well at least summers coming up pretty soon, and Ive been pretty good, except for the fact my grades aren't as good as they used to be :/ I miss getting a 4.0 last year without trying haha
    Hey long time no talk! Its been quite a while since ive even been on here haha so have you been up to any tile making lately?
    Well None the less it looks amazing :D Just I read it, and I was like...white? Hahahha
    Hi sorry for the random VM, I noticed your Signature. the Japanese logo of White is there not black. Just so you know.
    hey, i just browsed everything having to do with your tiles, and put them all together in one folder, in hppes of using them, so i'm basically asking permission to use them once i decide on a hack or game to start.
    Hey alistair,
    could i request something from you?
    i am good at building tiles, but nature tiles i simply cant..
    lol, the thing i want to request is not tile but the animation,
    could you make animation for the grass tile on one of your tilesheet, the one which from hgss or something, and also the mountain water, just asking, if cannot nevermine.
    Just letting you know that I'm using one of your tiles for my AshGray hack - full credit given - if that's okay :)
    hey alistair, if i use one of your tiles, but i remke it, like make it from scriatch but almost look identical just maybe extra stuff added, smallar/longer to fit into my tileset, can i do that to your tile?
    but i still credit you ofcourse..xD
    Well, since some tiles aren't his, I'm going to keep it locked.
    I tried reporting it on dA, but wasn't sure what category to put it as. So, not sure what to do there.
    Thanks for that VM, though.
    Hahaha...I love it how people are diagnosing me with this clinical conditions :P I get what you mean, and honestly I don't have any more features, I really don't, I just made the final adjustment to the UI so that the screen is a bit bigger and thats all. All these "new" features were in the old PokeCOM and Blue Chrome. Thanks for the feedback though. It's always good to hear what the public thinks. Heck that's why I post those screenies :)
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