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  • Hey, hello Allen! You're Josh I suppose ? I checked and indeed I never replied to you. I'm very sorry about that !
    When I first received it, it was still in early beta stages, so definitely not ready for making it public with a walkthrough.

    However, it's now finished ! I don't know if you saw the post on the forum about its release ?
    I made a web page for it too: https://z3bra.org/pokerom

    Yeah I'd really like to see it if you make one, I'm curious to see how other people would approach this ROM ;)

    I didn't make any documentation for it though. I want the player to discover the (minor) features by themselves. The ROM is very short, so providing all the details would spoil the player more than it helps.
    That's certainly some great news man!
    Started recently messing with the January update and gotta admit that the game is huge and your walkthrough will allow many including me not to miss any important stuff as this kind of playthroughs are all about the little details.

    Let me thank you for your work and of course best of luck to all future projects you set your mind to 😉
    Hey Allen, Tunak here do not believe we've spoken before but nice to meet ya!

    So thing is saw your comment back on hacksrepairman's profile that you are making an updated Walkthrough for Old White(Fixed), any idea where will you post it or when? Picked up the hack recently so it would come very much in handy.

    Best wishes
    He did not give me too detailed documentation or guide, but I think I can still help if you want to know something about the game, then I can help, for example, these are the locations of the HM Masters:
    the Cut Master is in Scarlet Forest, the Flash Master is in Windward Forest, you need Cut to reach her. Fly Master is on Route 817, Strength Master is in Safari Zone, Surf Master is in the part of Mt. Origin which is east to Dordoran City, Rock Smash Master is somewhere near the Tundra Warehouse on Route 807, and Waterfall Master is on Route 820.
    If you still want to know something else about the game, please tell me.
    Hi, I'm sorry that I couldn't reply because I was not happy with the old release since it was just a rombase for Frostbite to keep working on, so it was not faithful to the creator's idea. And I was working on a more faithful version by the time you sent me this message, so I was not able to reply until now. Looks like you've figured out the changes. Sorry again for not being able to help.
    Well like I said I haven't seen either rush series also, but I actually like at least the concept of the rush format, and some of the cards look cool. But I'm not that well versed in it either, I'd like to see us get the rush format at some point to try it out (although that now looks unlikely). At the very least I hope we get TCG versions of some of the cooler Rush cards.
    Tbh that's the most positive I've heard from others too, that the format itself looks interesting, and cool new cards. Whether the format would succeed here or not is questionable so maybe that's why they're hesitant, and I feel like a lot of people are similar to you, in that they already have a slightly negative view of it (so even more of a risk).
    Rayquaza is found on Route 826, immediately after battling Wallace. As for Pokemon Dreams you can actually go to Scrapyard and Route 11 after visiting either Route 1 or Thicket Town after the first visit there. As for the colosseum battles, the trainers have the same team for everyone, including Miror B. It's not like the Battle Tower. There are twenty trainer battles in every colosseum and they're all double battles.
    The most recent update was August of 2022, I believe it's one of the more recent posts. I haven't posted since February of last year, so that's probably why. Pokemon Old White was also updated recently with more content.
    Pokemon Azure Horizons actually got an update in 2022. There's an additional rival battle in Crevasse City before you can take on the gym. There's also a new route called Route 826 where you can rematch the gym leaders in the Battle Hut. You can also catch Rayquaza. Oh, and there are a couple of bug fixes.
    Hope 2023 is a good year for you!
    I mostly watch the English dubs for Yugioh as that's what I grew up with watching terrestrial tv DM/GX/5Ds, and generally find the dubs to be of good quality. GX is the only one I've also watched subbed with the original Japanese voices, as the dub is unfinished and I wanted to watch ahead eventually. I do want to rewatch DM and 5Ds subbed but they were other watches that I had also planned to do after finishing the Vrains dub. I did really enjoy GX subbed, there's defo a different charm/vibe to it and the OST was incredible, so I'd recommend either watch style whatever you prefer. Even tho I haven't done full subbed watches of DM or 5Ds I have seen bits and pieces and listened to the OPs/EDs and sure they're of similar quality.

    I don't know the full details but I think there's some behind the scenes issues they had with the animation studio Gallop (who did DM-Vrains) which perhaps led to Vrains being rushed and poorly received, which is why the last two seasons have been with a new studio, Bridge. Yugioh was by far Gallop's most profitable projects so I bet they are kicking themselves now. I don't think their target audience has actually changed much despite the new format and art style, they always try to balance pleasing old fans while trying to entice the newer/younger ones, rush format having the classic cards return kinda confirms that for me. I think Bridge's style is just seen as less mature due to looking more like some other contemporaries like Beyblade Burst & Pokemon.
    I was like you in that I hadn't watched past 5Ds in my childhood initial watches, I actually ended up going straight to Arc V much later (a couple years ago when it was added to Amazon prime at the time, doubt they still have it now lol), Arc V peeked my interest again as I like the multi-versal angle and returning some classic characters like Aster Phoenix and Jack Atlas. By this point I had rewatched DM, GX & 5Ds several times each too. I did eventually then go backwards and watch Zexal too. I ended up really enjoying both Zexal & Arc-V despite having put them off for so long! So I'd say if you have a convenient way to watch any defo give them a go and see what you think! I'm still mid watch with Vrains, and it's been a bit of a struggle to stick to, but I'm also watching on 9anime which isn't quite as convenient, if it was on a streaming service I have I might get through it easier. Either way I'd recommend the other two over Vrains first anyway, I think Vrains is the worst received of that era of ygo. Sevens & Go Rush are with a new animation studio and so feel somewhat different/distinct to the others still. I will eventually get to starting those when/if I finish Vrains.
    Hope you had a nice holiday period too, and good start to 2023!
    Hey there Allen! I believe I sent it following your post in the Kazuki Takahashi memorial thread I posted!
    I'm okay, thanks for the well wishes, hope you are doing well too and also have a great weekend! :))
    Hello. I actually got started on a walkthrough for Pokemon Wish to be paired with alongside the game. I could definitely use the help with that if you would like, the list you provided definitely speaks for itself!
    There are new graphics and places like Greenwood Town and Azure City are bigger, Azure City now has a dock. Morphic Tunnel has a new room that's accessible after you beat Team Tundra there that has a couple of trainers, North Route 807 is bigger has a few trainers, there's a rival battle in Route 811 and a Team Tundra encounter in a dungeon that's accessible in the Route, Icicles Tunnel was renamed to Mt. Origin and some of it is accessible east of Dordoran City and there's at least one trainer there, Route 815 is home to Tundra Hideout, the fifth and final gym leaders are different, the final gym is now a Dark type gym, Route 818 is home to Lake Aurora where you finish fighting Team Tundra, I believe there's another rival battle in Route 825 before Victory Road, and the Elite Four have also changed except maybe the Champion, the Town Map of Zephyr has also a new appearance. Oh, and Galena Lighthouse is accessible with seven badges, but it was like that in the 2020 version.
    ahh no worries!! Sorry for being slow to reply too, sometimes it takes me a few days to check my profile messages... I'm even worse at WhatsApp unless it's messages from my parents, so that would be even worse for me x_x I almost never hold conversations there anymore and the few group chats I'm in (for Pokémon GO and stuff) are just permanently muted... :s

    And yeah, it's similar in the US and here in Aus. I did move in the middle of August, we just finished settling in. I'm a bit surprised at how many teachers/nurses don't want to get the jab honestly, being positions that work in close proximity with people. I understand this may feel very sudden but I wouldn't want an unvaccinated nurse helping my 91 year old grandparent at the hospital/doctor's office, for example :(
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