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  • Hey Altair, I'm having some trouble with my Private messages (can't send any out for some reason) but I got your message and just PM me whenever you can get on today through next week and what time zone you are in?
    It takes awhile for the symbols to update so someone can sign off and it'll be awhile before it shows up that they've gone offline. I'm in CDT (GMT -5) and I can trade from now until around midnight my time. :)
    Is that for your time or mine? 5 am your time is in around 2 hours I think? If that's for my time I won't be able to trade then. :(
    aww. i hope you're okay. i'm here for you if you need anything.

    btw i'm kayla.
    Wow! Thank you so much for the female radar Riolu!
    It feels good to have it since my DW Lucario's nature was no good!
    Rufflet does not have the best ability, but you can breed it for a better IV and ability!
    I would like any female dw ability pokemon,
    straight from radar, dw or grottoes are ok.
    Here's my white 1 fc 4857 0465 3162
    Is it ok if we trade now? I hate rushing people, though I hate waiting as well!
    year 12 is highschool silly(:

    omigosh! were you in the hospital? are you okay?
    aw it seems everyone is sick, did you just have a bad flu?

    graduated from high school? i had the same experience. i'm in my second year of college. i'm here for you if you wanna talk on here or skype

    i'm okay though, very tired
    hellos. how are you doing?

    your post about your embarrassing moments had me questioning what's wrong.
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