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  • Hey!
    I'm sure you hear this quite often, but I like your signature with that scrolling effecting.
    i keep accidentally rejecting your friend request on mirishita lol
    pls forgive
    re-sent and won't delete this time, last time my fingers just slipped and i clicked too fast without reading 8D
    Jump on discord and message me, things are happening here. Also can you remove my name from that comment pls??
    good luck man!! the science courses got really hard for me later on lol. sucks you couldn't extend it but yeah, graduating is more important for sure

    yeah that'd be cool. arriving in a new country is nerve-wrecking and idk if japan will even work out because who knows where life will go and if i'll like it enough as far as long term living goes but yeah. it's an experience. america is a butt lately, especially with trump and all of these shootings ): i'm looking at not-very-expensive places to live around chiyoda but since it's tokyo i'll probably be limited to share houses or something for a while
    aw dam we missed each other ;w; and ya I'm gonna go to language school for a bit to improve then teach, but long term goal is to be a translator once my jpn skills are good enough....hopefully at least. tired of trump and america =(( but maybe next time we can meet aaaa
    hey cutie! i'm moving to tokyo in july, will you still be in japan then? maybe we can meet❤
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