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  • That's perfectly understandable and no worries mate, I'm not in a particular hurry to change it. How's your weekend been Solatairis?
    Howdy, I was wondering if you took graphics requests by any chance? I've been thinking about getting a new signature and/or profile theme . . .
    Hi Altairis!
    I was looking at your shop and I couldn't help but notice how white the text is, it makes it hard to read unless I highlight it. (Same with your profile). I don't know if it has to do with my theme, but it's just hard to read the text. That's all
    One time, due to my computer lag, I was able to spam 200+ PMs to someone on another forum. Usually there's a limit of having to wait 10 seconds or something but due to my lag that limit was circumvented ahahahhahaha!

    At any rate, I apologise. I won't do it again.
    aaaa even her name sounds cute *-* is it like..a good idol series tho? like does it have drama and romance, stuff like that?
    I don't really read manga, just watch anime. I am probably a mix of Bakugo and the shadow guy. How about you? Ooooo if you could have a quirk, what would yours be?

    I tend to leave that kind of impression on people, both online and offline. If you're not already, you need to watch boku no hero academia, it's soooo goooood!
    I have to ask because I keep seeing it:

    Is your 'Location' in your postbit a reference to the Man With a Mission song Database?
    i may be cool, but you're cooler than a vanilite
    anime chat now exists

    also i'm partial to making your idols thread into basically "Idol General"
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