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  • Dat art thoooooo. Augh coming to your profile is like "aww yisssss."

    Ahem. Sorry, my speech centers seem to be malfunctioning at the moment.
    Hai, I just felt like visiting your page and leaving a VM because I am such a fan of your art haha. It's very majestic. How are you doing today? :)
    Hiya, hiya~ First of all, your signature is GORGEOUS. <3 I just wanted to say hi, and introduce myself. You can call me "Murk" if you'd like. :3

    I actually took a look at your dA, and I am thoroughly impressed with your work. :D You should be proud of your beautiful art and talent.

    Anyway, I'm babbling on. How are you? :)
    Haha thanks! But like I said, I was lucky enough to have the support of some very enthusiastic contributors. Don't get me wrong I worked my butt off and hell yeah pats on the back all around, but the real substance of my resource thread came from people eager to share the art of, well, art!

    I'd love to have even more resources and cool tutorials and things like that to add. Zach and I are actually trying to merge coding between T&I and A&D, because some of the CSS people use to decorate their galleries is nothing short of incredible and definitely epitomizes art in its essence. Things like coding and even profile design should at the very least be recognized in A&D, imo.
    Yeah that took me like half a century maybe?? A really long time lol. It was one of the first projects i took on when I was modded. I'm actually currently working on fleshing or the digital section and a photography resource as well! But naturally is taking quite a bit of time. I was lucky to have a lot of people willing to help me compile research and links. But thanks a bunch! It means a lot that my efforts could actually pay off lol.
    I couldn't agree more. The transparency it offers really humanizes A&D's veteran members and makes people way less intimidating. We all start somewhere.
    Hahaha don't worry, we were all moody teenagers at one point trying to figure ourselves out. You're not alone in your experience!

    I cannot say with any certainty that I'm doing what's right for A&D. I just don't know its ebbs and flows since it hinges on such a temperamental medium. But what I do know is that we all have one thing in common; art. And addressing that in its purest, as the form of expression it is, has been the most rewarding avenue I've taken with the section. As opposed to trying to mold it into this one size fits all self deprecating center of half-hearted "**** it" posts. It's honestly better when people post what makes them feel and what makes them enthusiastic about posting again, no matter what it is. It gives me the freedom to listen to the members and use their ideas to improve A&D overall. That's what it is, a community built section.
    At least, that's the image I have in my head regarding the Art Bio lol. We'll have to wait and see, obviously, but I'm optimistic that having another element that helps artists integrate into the community and grow will always be a good thing.
    Exactly. Artist's don't flock to PC because they want legitimate, hardcore C&C on their artwork. There's other websites for that. There's schools dedicated to that. My goal with A&D is to create a casual, comforting, and fun environment for artists of all skill levels. There's no point in trying to make A&D into something it will never be, a mistake I made early on by trying to push education in art and not enjoyment. The reality is, A&D is more about the process of becoming your best self than the final result anyway.

    So embrace those stupid embarrassing doodles of your best friend's furry OC! And all those dumb ass brushes/textures that you were all about in 2009! It's all a step in your collective, individual journey to improve and should be valued as much as your greatest piece. :)
    Haha, I know how you feel. I love A&D, I really do, but sometimes it falls prey to these moments of stagnation and idleness. It's no one's fault; in fact, I'd say that's just the nature of art itself. But as A&D's mod I want to see it grow and prosper and be a fun place! Sometimes that means taking a gamble on a damn good idea and trying new stuff. :)
    Ahhh I just checked it out and it's amazing! I love it dude. It's downright perfect. Super excited about getting my own art together and contributing.

    Art Bio sounds perfect. :) This is a really great idea, I so hope it takes off! Once the collab is over I'll be advertizing the thread in my signature. I'll talk to hstaff about making this an official thing and hopefully we can get this the attention it deserves!
    That sounds perfect. Make a trial run of a thread, than expand outwards. :)
    Great! Hey, why don't I make a prefix for them? So like, when you create a thread and select a drop down, you could have the option of selecting a [Biography] or [Art Blog] or something like that? It'll take time, and kind of rely on the popularity of the threads, but I think that's something I can do.
    Well, you have my approval, so that pretty much goes without saying! :)

    It's completely up to you. If you'd like to move forward with the project, I'm happy to facilitate it or even create a thread for you. All I'd need to know is some basic lay out information so I can realize it. Otherwise, you're completely free to do it on your own and I'll create an announcement in the forum splash and sticky it!
    Yes, that would be sweet. Luxury Ball is sort of like this (it seems to have more star effects than normal), so they could borrow its coding and take things from there, if they'd like. =)

    I don't believe I have much event-exclusive Pokemon, sadly, even though they're pretty fun to be getting a hold of! Last time I'd done this would be in SoulSilver (or was it Black?), when they had distributed Darkrai.
    Those capsule things? Yeah, those were very pretty. Only thing I disliked is them making it mandatory for us to remove them before putting Pokemon into PC, which was sort of a hassle. =(

    I got a few bred ones from Wonder Trade, but others were mainly throw-away--Pokemon you'd usually find yourself releasing if you have too much of it. Say, if you still those want those rare balls, have you tried looking around the forum if somebody's willing to give? Haha.

    Yeah, I understand why some wouldn't want to be into competitive; in general, there are many things to be keeping up with, with more being added as new generations are introduced.
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