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  • Ooh, that makes sense. Those who are into breeding are into battling competitively alongside, as it seems, so I thought you might be also, haha. I'm not much of a breeder, as I find the task to be sort of time and energy-consuming. Every IV-bred Pokemon I have so far are given to me by friends. Very lucky!

    Yeah, them being overly aware does suck; would have been nice if they were more laid-back as they were in the past. I used to hack Pokemon myself, but like you, I didn't find myself using them when battling, haha. Well, at least online. Yup, they likely will. It could be even better if they were to allow us to create our own Poke Balls, somehow.
    That's okay; it's still a nice achievement!

    Ah, that's good to know. What kind of Pokemon have you traded? =o I haven't traded anything in a while, personally, due to me not being able to connect my 3DS to Internet. Hopefully, I'll get it fixed soon. Hooray for Friday; one of my most favorite days of the week.

    Thank you! Yours is also nice, haha.
    No problem. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to be around as long as you, haha.

    Anyway, how's your day been? Good, I hope? =)
    I read you are looking for a safari with tropius. My safari type is flying with doduo, tranquil and tropius, I already added you, here's mine 4399-0087-5177
    Praise be to the dark gods! You cannot wonder how long I have awaited the addition of another psychic safari so that I may attempt this again. This may seem rather rude, but is there perchance a way to rope you in tonight for a tad bit to register you in the game? Also, thank you for this.

    edit: wait. . . do I need to do that?
    Oi! You may have just what I need. I cannot remember what all is included in my safari (Breloom?) but I've been looking to get my hands on an Abra for some time now. I was wondering if you'd be willing to add me so I can finally complete my team?

    edit: I must apologise. That was rude of me. Please, and thank you. Also, my code number. Can't get far without that now can we? 1993-8201-0096
    I know this probably won't get replied to, but I thought I'd at least try one last time. I don't know your reasons, but I just want to say that no matter what they are, I understand and it's okay. Even if you no longer think of me the same way, I'll always see you as a friend. Good luck with everything, and I hope life gives you the best it can.
    Ah, I remember now...it's been too long. :(
    I wish I could really get back into this place, it seems like I don't talk to you so much unless it's on here. I'm glad things have looked up for you! And you've improved very much too since I last talked to you. It's really sweet to hear you're still after this guy, lol. Good luck! I wish I were this ambitious when it came to men.

    Well, I'll blame myself for that lol; I don't come here as often anymore and I've become absorbed into my own things so I don't socialize with lots of people as much as I used to. Things really have changed a lot.
    Bahah, it's been so long since Ive heard it- I went and listened to it and it made me think of you.

    You think so? I don't know how I could have been. ;_; I miss drawing with you and talking with you.
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