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  • Shes making a list, she's checking it twice - she hopes December 25th is awfully nice - so pass on the kindness to everyone you see! This is a positivity chain - spread to as many usernames as I see.

    Make sure to wish everybody a happy holiday this year in your life as you never know what your kind words will do for someone.
    I'm going to proxy for either you or Fareydae in amazing race. Just post 'Forever will do it for me' - whoever is first will get me but make it asap as I won't be in when the
    O: I loved fallout, I heard good things about elder scroll but never planned to play it c: Hmmm.....I love any fps or RPG game c: You never watched a anime......you should try one though lol
    I'm fine too c: You've been around for months but I recently started to see you here xD *thinks about how to start convo"*..... You like any anime, manga, game ( other than Pokémon lol) c:
    Eh, I'm great with plot. I see a trailer, I can outline the entire movie to a great degree. Spoilers of new Pokémon and new items takes away from their value when you already know of their existence or type, because you might not use a Pokémon just because of it's type!
    I don't watch the trailers. I'm actually pretty good and hammering home plots when I watch them, as I've read far too many books. The Hateful 8 was the last film that legitimately surprised me and threw a left curveball. That, and seeing new Pokémon on my own is a bit better.
    Maybe a kind of of raised spider-like Pokémon with... no, that doesn't work. Nevermind, just thinking about it feels weird! Ohohoho! We'll just have to wait and see about the new Pokémon! Who knows, there may even be a 7 limbed Pokémon in there already!
    What about 7 legs? Hm? Ohohohoho! I know a 7 legged Pokémon would drive me bonkers! I just think it would appear more majestic somehow. I can't lie and say I absolutely love the design. I just think the design is okay, but a lot better than the other two.
    I prefer four legs. the last four Fire Starters have been bipedal and I tend to shy away from Bipedal Pokémon for some reason. Magneton, Weezing, Bronzong... legs? What are those?
    Thank god! It's as I predicted (I don't look for spoilers). I mean, it looks like a Dark pokémon, but having that belt thing around it's waist had me worried there. Thanks!
    Is Litten going to turn out to be another Fire/Fighting Pokémon? I try to stay away from spoilers, but seeing your signature really... irritated me. Please, tell me it's not true! Not another one!
    Oh cool, do you have any of your performances on youtube or something that I could watch? I wanted to do Physics at university but I was stronger at Maths so took that instead.
    Hmm how long you been playing those instruments for? Interesting contrast of subjects you have picked, do you plan on going to university and if so, what do you wish to study?
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