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  • Oh jeez, that sounds pretty bad :(, are u feeling okay now?

    Ya, I've stayed away from the Pokemon GO craze. It hasn't released here, but people are still playing it & putting both themselves & others at risk -_-.

    Pika Pika :chu:
    OMG that's terrible! How are you holding up? I hope you're recovering well. Here's a classic to make you feel a tiny bit better I hope:


    Get Well Soon!!!!! ^-^
    Hey bro, I'm doing good.

    Vacationing huh, wish I could afford the privilege of a vacation, its been long due :P. I hope u had a good time.
    Ah. What are those animes about? I know what One Piece is but the other ones.
    I watch some on occasion but I don't watch it very much. ^^' What're some of your favorite animes?
    Hey there! I'm getting ready to head to work and what not. How was your trip to the Phillipines? :o
    Pokemon Ash Gray is fun too! You should totally try Ultra Violet when you're finished! :D

    Wowww that sounds like an interesting place! How was it? (:
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