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  • Hi! I saw a video on Reddit about Neomoor City of your ROM Hack. It looks amazing!
    I was wondering how you made yellow light shine through doors and windows in night time. Could you help please?
    Good morning, I'm from Argentina. I have the alpha version 0.51 in Spanish. Do you know what should be done after receiving the pokedex? Besides, what is the secret code?
    no problem! I will check out that alpha you released, looking forward to play it!
    I have seen the new trailer of your romhack and I must say it looks as astounding as ever, I'm glad you're still working on it after all these years!
    andrea you are great asm hacker,
    i see long time you routine for RUBY DPP icon,
    you can convert it to EMERALD ?, i not known much about asm
    but i can make trade, i can work in pixel art for you anithyng.(Sprites, OW etc)
    glad to know haha, personally I stopped hacking (its unlikley but I could come back) but Im still intrested in your hack!
    Good luck with the university :)
    Would you mind sharing your asm codes for the menu change and such other amazing ones that you have done in your hack....
    Everyone want them ported to FR as well :)
    Thanks :)
    Hi Andrea!
    Glad to meet ya basically I messaged you regarding the bw repel system in ruby. I want to know how can I implemen it. I read in djgs youtube video you made a tutorial. But couldn't find it. :(
    Minor question you have any font patch for ruby?
    hey :) Can I may ask where you got that grass battle background? Or did you do it?
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