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  • Could you please try to use the Spoiler Tags more often?
    Your nuzlocke posts in Theta Emerald's thread makes surfing through its last page quite a nuisance, tbh.
    You need to use the tags, and include a URL to the image you wish to include in your post between the [IMG] tags (i.e., where " and " is). In the example post you linked, they are using icon sprites hosted at http://pldh.net/, with the URL being formatted like so:


    So you'd just replace X with the national Pokédex number of the Pokémon you wish to display.

    For example:


    The code looks like this:


    For future reference, if you have questions like this, they belong in this thread. Hope that helps!
    Hi i am Rhytham remember ? Sorry but i can't join on your project cause i had another project with my friends and i have promised on more friend to join him i thought that i will have time for it but now i don't seem to have :( :( sorry but i can't but accept my request and in future i will try to join you again for then lets be friend :)
    Yukiyo.Yes,I am not so new(I maked the account in January 2013,but i consider it as a new one,as I didn't used the account till now.
    welcome to the forum! hope you like it here c:

    (oh, you arent that new! but welcome anyway)

    btw, nice name! have fun here on PC~
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