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  • Glad to be a part of your journey. And a mailing list, wow. haha. If it helps grow your career, why not, right?

    I've been pretty damn annoying with my best friends about it the entire month! Sharing Pride Month related things almost every other day. When it comes to the biggest thing, I originally planned to join the pride march in Metro Manila next Saturday. But then my best friend graduates from his masters on the same day, so we might just celebrate pride from afar. We'll be marching in spirit.
    LOL I'm sure you were and still would be a good staff member! But I understand, my job has made me a bit more serious too, so idk if I could be super lax here??

    I only use desktop discord and I haven't been on much lately /sobs
    Hahahah, wow that is kinda scary, I wish mine did that. I'll add you. :>

    Yeeessss, I also lost sight for a time. Got too serious for me, so I wanted to tone it down and just have some fun.
    It temps me to get more active and maybe get back on staff, but also, idk. lol
    I use Discord sometimes, but also mostly just the desktop version LOL
    What is your user ID there? :>

    And I'm very glad to hear things are turning around for you, even a bit. That's relatable, about PC, I find it really relaxing to check in and hang out!
    Though, I also was inactive for a long while, so trying to be around more often nowadays.
    Y es, I thought maybe you were going through stuff offline, since you left staff and what not for a time.. but I do hope things are going ok right now?

    I've been okay, gone through some rough patches of my own, but things are chill atm. ??????

    I missed forums, so I've been back around lately. lol
    Ooh, I'd love to see you in something that you loved doing one day. Wherever you end up as an actor, I'll be supporting you 100%.
    It was. It's the thing most people did when they graduated with my degree. I'll probably be doing a similar thing after I finish graduate studies, so it'll be there to guide me.

    That's good to hear. And yeah, as long as you keep being productive, allowing yourself to expand outside of your chosen field without totally hopping from one track to another, you'll be alright. How many years studying theatre do you have left? Oh, and is it like the acting sort of theatre or making things happen behind the camera?
    What as in what program? That would be applied physics major in instrumentation. University of the Philippines Diliman if you were asking where. My move was actually a preemptive move for a possible job #2, but that didn't pan out. Granted I should have waited for the result of my application before moving, but I ended up staying here, anyway. Job #1 was fun and I wish I kept it. For a year of it I learned a lot, definitely things I would apply for future jobs.


    How's it been on your end?

    On my end I've done 1 each of bullet points 1, 2 and 4; having a 5.5 year plan of sorts is something I wish I had, but also do I? How would that work even
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