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  • I'm having problems with customizing my tiles. Please help me. Your videos are great and I love them. I'm using Paint and the trick you showed us (with the eye dropper) won't work. I don't know if this is a bug in MS Paint or what.
    Hi Anthroyd,

    First i want to say thanks for your tutorials, they made me go far beyond in customizing a game for me to play. But i'm actually having a problem and i want to know if maybe you can help me if you receive this message.

    I was trying to create new trainer in the Routes and they work all fine, until i try to rematch them using the vs seeker. When they are ready for a rematch they do their animation (raise hand) but the battle does not start.
    I rewatched all you tutorials and look for everywhere on the internet but i didnt find how to fix it.

    I'll be very happy if could help me.
    Thak you again for all you videos and sorry for any mistakes in this text. (i'm not a native speaker.)
    Don't think you'll see this, but anyway...

    Can you kind of tell me what to do so Oak is standing at the Route 1 entrance instead of just running into you out of nowhere?
    Hey Anthroyd, I was asking about the Protagonist story swap for frlg to make it like rse so they both have a role, you said it had to do with the flags, lmk when you can help! Thanks.
    Hey, can we talk?

    I don't know if you remember me, but I remember you, and I remember what happened all those months ago back on Youtube.

    I would just like to say that I was completely in the wrong there, and I honestly don't think I deserve to be forgiven for my actions. But if you would like to forgive me, please do.

    But if you wish me any form of ill will, I would be completely content, because I know I deserve it.
    Update: I've downloaded again the Fire Red ROM to test on a fresh and clear ROM. Same problem: person event works but not regular script. Now I think I've just skipped an extra step on XSE, A-Map or somewhere else that a normal script requires...
    Hi Anthroyd, I'm asking your help cause I'm stuck on my hack rom scripts (I've also left a comment on your tutorial on YouTube, ep. 13, my nick is Rouje)

    My huge problem is that regular scripts (those displayed on Advance Map with the 'S') don't work as they should, instead person event scripts (those with 'P' on A-Map) work perfectly.
    I've made a lot of tests in these days, even with simple and basic scripts like these one I've posted on pastebin:

    - Person Event Script (P) : https://pastebin.com/M46jZADt
    - Regular Script (S) : https://pastebin.com/PB5XeYEU

    As I said before, the person event works fine, so no problem on it.
    Even if it's identical at the person event (except for "faceplayer") the regular script doesn't work. What happens is that when I step on the square with the script, this starts it's execution but it stops at "lock" instruction. The player can't move but the game is still running because music still going as normal.
    I've made also a test without the "lock" instruction. The result is that the game load the msgbox offset but again nothing is happening, the music still going and the player can't move again.

    Any idea to fix this strange problem?
    i guess i will have to use the small trees for the border blocks(or place enough trees but i dont like that idea much because a lot of space will be taken up) which is surely gonna look ugly if the player goes to the extreme sides of the map.
    anyway, thanks for the reply tho
    Hey anthroyd!
    Your tutorials are of great help
    But i got a problem. My trees are of 9x9 blocks instead of the normal 6x6 blocks in fire red. I cannot understand how to use those trees in the border blocks as there is only 4 blocks space. Will i have to change all of the trees and insert a 6x6 block tree?
    Nevermind, actually...I was able to figure it out. All I had to do was assign it a variable number and it worked perfectly. I guess all scripts have to have a variable number, even if they're supposed to activate all the time huh?
    Hi Anthroyd, I have a question about hacking Pokemon Emerald. I'm following along in your Mobility tutorial on Youtube- number 11- and I'm having issues. I was able to find out that instead of 0x113 and 0x114 for the camera's special values, I had to use 0x116 and 0x117, but even more so, the script still doesn't function. No script I create functions for that matter- only when tied to a Person Event in Advanced Map. Script Events softlock the game. Any help? Thank you!
    Hi Anthroyd,

    Thanks for making the tutorial on overworld sprite management - it was really informative and it helped to de-mystify many aspects of overworld sprite replacement for me. I have a quick question: I've been trying to insert new sprites into Pokemon Ruby ROM by following the steps in your tutorial. However, instead of using dynamic palette slots 0x0 and 0xA, I chose to use the other static slots such as 0x2, 0x3 instead, because certain sprites share the same palette (although the palettes used by the new sprites are different from that from the original Pokemon Ruby palettes). I loaded the correct palette IDs into the respective palette slots. However, when I test the sprites in-game, they appear glitched, suggesting that the static palette slots (0x2, 0x3 etc) don't seem to be referencing the right palette IDs. Any idea why this could be so? Would very much appreciate any help. Thanks again in advance!
    An artist is always their own worst critic~

    Can I get a refund if I don't like it?
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