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  • Hello
    Ive been in POA site and heard your music.I liked it very much.Now the site is closed,too bad.
    Have you ever been in this site: http://www.z00ttheater.com/website/ ?
    Ekaiyo is a community made Pokemon 3d game.
    We are testing the code so far,made about 100 pokemon models,character models,buildings.Everythings good so far,im a modeller for ekaiyo,nickaname 'snake'.
    The part we need help is sounds/music.Youre creations are good,we would love to have you as a member if you like.You already have a lot of music made and thats a great help already.You can join here: http://www.z00ttheater.com/ekaiyo/index.php
    The cel shaded pokemon world and your soundtracks would be a killer pair.So tell me what you think.I emailed Chris,too.
    And heres some good looking models of pokemon(old list,many new made):
    I made another bulba,but the devs said that one is ok,too
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