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  • Sorry again for the late reply but merry christmas and hope you're doing well :)
    dude so sorry for the late reply but yes !!!! just hmm okay ( may or may not be available for the next few days cause of travel & the newest game)
    love your avatar btw !
    Ah so sorry I haven't been around. I might be able to find time to play, but I've been swamped lately
    I heard damn good stuff about orange but I'm watching Nisekoi, SAO again and MOB PSYCHO 100 I'm damn busy xD. Anything interesting happening? You playing pokemon GO?
    I'm fine too. Sorry for not replying fast I was busy with assignment stuff. Into any anime lately?
    I had a temporary job at Goodwill, which was physically demanding. At least I got paid. XD
    Eheh, yes, I looooooove Nano. I mostly scout out her songs on a game called Osu!, which is this Rhythm game that...well, it's fun. Point is, Nano is love. I'm a basic fan, though, so my favorite song of hers is No Pain, No Game. I need to listen to more :p

    YESSS Pokemon S&M! I literally haven't been this excited for a Pokemon game in...almost 10 years now. I'm loving EVERYTHING that I'm seeing, this is pretty much everything I could have hoped for out of a Gen 7 game. And the Pokemon designs are <3...now I just need to decide whether I'll get Sun or Moon. You know what you're getting?

    I don't play Showdown, no, if only because I'm not really into competitive play. Back when XY came out I did use Smogon to coordinate my movesets and EV train my Pokemon a lot in the beginning, but that was about the extent of it, I'd say.

    And as for games I'm currently playing...let's see...Well, I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV- which basically took away my activity here for the past month, but it's been fun. Easily the most fun I've had with an MMO, had the most fun I've had playing as a cute catboy. Pig. It's very confusing stuff <_<. Other than that, I got The World Ends With You on my phone. If you have a DS you should toootally play it because it's absolutely fantastic, definitely one of my favorite games. Period. Easily places in my top 5 it's sooooogoooood. Oh, and other than that, I've been getting back into Osu, which I'm bad at, and playing the Attack on Titan g- Sorry if this is overloading you. I haven't been able to talk about this stuff with anyone in a long time, you don't have to respond if you don't wanna :<
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