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  • Yeah my bad, I don't get on the forums much. I'm on discord almost daily so we can talk more over there.

    It says you need to add me. Here's mine: Eddiee#0904
    I've been good, just busy with life and stuff. work took up most of my time but I'm off for a couple of months so I thought I'd get back into the whole pokemon scene again. I don't do hacks anymore but I'm making a game on pokemon essentials that i'm halways into completing. how about you? what have you been up to?
    Hello aperso. It is a pleasure to write to you again. I've matured a lot since I became 18. You may recall my identity was formally Pichuzilla, but time has changed. I officially altered my name to Desmond J. Talon. How are you doing on this wonderful night? I am fantastic as of writing this message.
    I got you it just appears that you are never on, I am always set to invisible so I don't get bombarded with messages when don't feel like talking..
    If you set yourself online I will send a message through though..
    I think I have you on skype but I cant remember your skype name :/
    I am fairly active-ish I am here but just browsing..
    I have been busy man, life, college, work..
    How about you man, how have you been going?
    I was sleeping and had a dream that someone sent me a vm on PC, so I logged on. and surprisingly I did get one. :P what's up man how you been
    NO!!! Titanfall lost players? What's the point of playing it then? I'm still gonna try it.
    I feel your pain on the slow internet or it cutting out. My internet is the worse..... I can't even stream on Twitch.
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