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  • you're a creep >.> lmao just kidding
    i live in georgia (the state) not giving any specifics but yeah. What about you?
    hmm i actually don't play a lot of games lmao
    but out of the ones that i have played i'd have to say skyrim or the last of us
    what about you?
    it's already hot here even though we have plenty of trees ;-;
    it gets so humid here so i feel ya on the hot weather stuff
    Not surprised you know about it. Yes. It's that game. I think me and a few other people kinda killed the MUGEN fad. Yes, it got bigger but damn... I really destroyed MUGEN....
    Let's see, my interests have kinda dumbed down since I was 11 years old thanks to MUGEN. But right now it's Megaman, fighting games, Pokemon (of course), Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, and Smash Brothers.
    The only person I know on a forum site beside you who had that guy as their icon is Jmorphman from the MUGEN Guild.

    Who is the guy in your icon anyways?
    Web-designing is more of a hobby for me right now, but if I manage to turn it into a profession some day, I'd like to be someone (within design department) that a lot of companies know about and wish to hire. Aside from that, I don't feel I have anything else, aha.
    That sounds like a nice plan, and also a fun one! What are you going to do afterward? Haha.
    Yeah, I could imagine that to be a bit frustrating.

    Oh, mainly those that are related to work and uni. It's getting tough to be dealing with them almost every day.
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