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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    yeah, it's actually the first gen Mac Pro from 2006, but it's still in fantastic shape and works great. Plus I can easily upgrade it.
    Hmm, that's odd, I still haven't been able to get the 4.0.1 update on my 2G Touch, it doesn't show up when I connect it to iTunes. Oh well, I am sure then that by 4.1 (which I'm assuming will also be released to iPads too) they will have closed that hole in safari. As for the limitations put upon the 2G Touch, I understand why they put them there, but seeing as I've actually removed those restrictions once and used the device for a while and got to see firsthand the effects it had, I simply which that there was an easier option to enable them if we wanted to from Apple. (like being able to switch from "better battery life" and "better performance" in the power options.)
    Honestly, the in-browser hack, should be patched when 4.0.1 is released. However the RedSnow/Ultrasnow breaks work great. I've used them on my iPod Touch. the only problem so far has been that MobileTerminal doesn't work on iOS4 yet, so I can't change the default Root password to help protect against malware.
    The Android OS is a strong contender, no doubt about that, but for me I prefer the seamless ability to sync with my mac, which I don't exactly see apparent on the Android. I actually haven't gotten to mess around with android all that much and that may be why I have my doubts, so I don't feel like I'm judging entirely fair here. I do however like the ability to use the iPhone since I'm already adept at using iOS.
    Yep. sure am. Rumor has it verizon will get an iPhone in January. (which probably means that they will be getting the iPhone 5 later too)
    Plus with the growing Class Action against Apple+AT&T about the exclusivity agreement, there's plenty of pros for there to be a ViP.
    "I was originally going to pick it up at the Apple Store in Marlton, NJ."

    Holy crap... You live near me.
    it's still as strong as ever, though I've been using it more in clamshell mode more often lately since I got a Mac keyboard and a new mouse to go along with that external screen I have.
    You could buy a barebone kit, they usually come with everything you need. It's already put together for the most part, you just have to put in what comes with it. These are highly customizable too.
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