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  • 👋 hey! I was wondering if you could approve my post in the Mod Showcasing? ^-^ Righteous Red
    Hi! Fan Games are not really my work area; you're more likely to receive help from the listed moderators of the section. The section's information thread does ask that users give the team up to 48 hours to process threads, though, because staff are all volunteers with busy schedules both here and in other spaces :)
    Okay, I have figured some stuff about the Sanrisekiai stuff. You & your partner share HP. & Damage would be decided by a dice roll.

    If I knew how to sprite I'd make a cute little rpg maker out of it. But, for now I'm just thinking about doing little bit of anthologies but like...dnd style kinda? Story? (The randomization aspect of battles) But I have to research how campaigns work.
    ohh the shared HP is fun!

    a campaign is kinda whatever you want it to be. i'd be inclined to set up a goal to be achieved, probably one that's not very complex for the first time running a thing. if you're doing custom mechanics they can be made to fit the story, but you can also borrow pointers from an established system. i would NOT rec d&d as a starter system lmao try to find or make something where you just have a few physical skills that you can put a number to.
    that doesn't entirely track, for me. i'm endlessly passionate about my own stuff and it doesn't exhaust me to work on it, but i do have to make time to live life and attend to obligations AND do the harder work of developing skills that don't immediately translate to some finished work. and jumping between all of those things sounds like it would be tiring and make advancement difficult, as opposed to taking longer stretches to focus on one aspect.
    I guess I just don't have a life with too many obligations? I focus...full time on my creative stuff at the moment. Like, I do do other things besides all creative stuff, but it's my highest priority.
    well that's a nice thing to have goin' on then!
    I'm publishing my next book in my fanfiction soon. I hope html is supported in the new update because my old computer can't handle the rich text editor...
    I forgot to reply. My computer has been crappy lately, though.

    I didn't watch Pokemon until after it was already off 4kids/kids wb, but I do remember when I was in High School Saturday Morning cartoons just... Ended.

    Kids are missing out these days. A shame. Although, they're probably glued to their ipads watching YouTube or something, so maybe it's better Saturday Morning cartoons remain as a memory.
    Definitely true, but at least when they do release it, they release it in a batch of 12. I must admit, though I miss the Cartoon Network days. Pokemon was just...best there. It fit there.
    Yeah, it's... still better than Disney when they had it though. They didn't care at all.
    I'm waiting for the dub to get to that point, but I hope my parents don't cancel Netflix before i get there. I heard they're going to block accounts or something if you don't verify an ip address every thirty days...

    I live at home still, but they're not tech savvy, so lol.

    I still haven't watched the episode where Cilan and Brock met all those years ago, speaking of which. Why did they skip that one in English?
    As long as there's a way to have a lite skin with the ability to turn off post flairs so I can browse pc easily, I'm ready for any other changes.
    That's good.

    I also heard html will be supported so, hooray no more <i> to conversion. I hate doing that.
    That's true. I know there's templates here on this website. But, right now, I'm not really worried about all that.

    Really excited for how css will be when new pc launches, though, I'll probably try learning then.
    I can maybe do a bit with span Style css tags, but I haven't done any of that in so long I just... Can't be bothered.

    Maybe if my computer didn't have graphic card issues, I would relearn?

    But my primary focus is always just posting & explaining and going.

    I envy people who are really good with making their carrd/pokecommunity threads or tumblrs look good. I'd have to pay someone for that, probably.
    Mmm, that's not me because I like to explain the thought process behind a piece. I couldn't be bothered to make a thread fancy with css when my computer is a piece of junk to begin with, tbh...
    I just leave mine as to the point as possible, but try to explain every piece in detail so people can understand the process behind the drawing. I'm too lazy to relearn CSS these days. I'm fine with just making my thread simple and leave it at that.
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