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  • That's true - thanks for the advice,i've been trying to ya know work on my mental health by trying to step away if things get too much and getting rest by napping which i know i should be up early more but at the same time i don't have much to do lately.

    It honestly means a lot that ya know you provide these sort of like tips or like advice in some way cause i often feel lost on what to say or do in times like this
    To be honest i don't ask for much but i just want the arcs to slow down and not get too stressful or i just keep thinking things will go bad and such.

    Plus i don't know how to phrase my feelings correctly like word them because i dont want them to get the wrong idea or anything.
    Most of the time theyve been kind but like i don't voice my feelings because this julio dude often tries to sound sad or something.

    Besides,i've been through a lot like loss of friends and have had one or two fights with them - even used to have an ex friend that was ableist and judges what i liked and stuff. Wasn't fun so i had to take a month break from it all and most of them took time to forgive but ya know - sometimes i feel like some haven't changed after they say they would. (One of my rp partners I've been with for more than ten years by now)

    Ive been on the receiving end of ya know yelling and shouting and thats why i have this fear if voicing my feelings more than anything. I am not a fan of being yelled at since i used to get yelled at as a kid so..not because ive done anything wrong - my schools didnt understand my mental disability so…
    Yeah but i find it so hard because well i don't want to make them upset or hurt their feelings.

    I never really like express how i truly feel because thats my main fear just having people leave me if i even hurt their feelings.
    They aren't no because like it sort if hasnt been specificied plus i just want it to be over with - in short: I just feel left out
    True - it's just been arc after arc after arc with stress and i can't even show off my oc's likw own abilities without just danger in every arc

    Like i get she cant beat everyone but i just want her to show off her new skills and powers..
    Thanks, my mental health has just been worse and worse lately to a point where i get nausea and headaches due to stress (specially when One of my so called decides to make an arc longer by adding more chimera things to it) - like i get it's role-play but i just want people to be mindful ya know
    To be honest - I only say my name to those i feel comfortable with but in any case that's fine though its uh not gonna be easy doing that just saying
    Depth of field...hmm, yeah. I tried drawing Siorc sitting on a swing attached to a tree to draw more scenes that are "zoomed out" and what have you, but I still need to work on scenery. I have to post my new drawings in my art thread, though, so I'll probably have to come back and link that later.

    I definitely struggle with focal point still in terms of drawing tings that look like they're from a distance/different angle.
    Yeah, that's the word I was looking for... perspective.

    Probably going to draw hair that way from now on. Other perspective things I need to learn is draw distance, but I think that's for digital art or games... but I think object space is something I really need to learn, honestly in the future so I can draw more scenes.

    Interestingly, one of my ocs is named draw distance in Danish (Tegne Afstand)
    Wrapping it as in... Well.
    Okay, let me explain it better.

    Not drawing the entire hair & leaving a space empty where the body is so you can't see the hair underneath their body, but beside it.

    Because I would often draw too much hair & you could see all the parts that you normally shouldn't be able to see.

    Sorry, maybe "wrap" was a random word.
    Yeah, I'd much rather draw what I'm interested in. I think I finally pulled of a realistic hand today, I think.

    I definitely want to work on wrapping hair so it doesn't show up behind the back, but I finally figured out how to do that and it's to draw less hair behind the back... because when I draw long hair I always draw the whole thing there's a "you can see the hair peering behind the back" (when you should only be able to see parts of it) kinda thing...aha.
    I definitely don't want to draw food, I'll tell you that. I want to improve spacial stuff (sitting on/standing on/holding things) above all. I drew a couch today and my oc laying on it with his switch, and that's a start, but I think I put it down too low.

    If I were to draw food, it'd definitely not be the generic usuals. But, maybe I'll still try like... holding ice cream, or something.
    Yeah, definitely. Maybe I could practice by drawing a bowl of fruit like they do in the tv shows, but I don't paint anymore.
    A lot of things take practice to draw. When I draw holding things I tend to draw the obstacle in place of where clothes would be then draw around it.

    Which has mixed results. x_x
    Yeah. Definitely. Originally, I only really just put hands beside my characters, but now I'm trying some...new things?

    I drew Siorc meditating today, so his hands are on his...waist? (slay, queen #/enbywithattitude) (I think that link should be visible now, I changed the color) and have been practicing trying to have my characters holding things, too.

    As well as practicing finger length. But that one isn't always easy since I forget half the time once i draw hands.
    I never get hands right, but I'm trying. It's a process.

    Yeah, figured it wouldn't be easy to spot at a glance. I really need to change the color of urls.
    Yeah, nothing comes from thin air, and I always try to link/show what I referenced.

    I'm trying to work getting better at hands and that takes many references. I'm still honestly failing at getting hands to look good.

    Yeah, 54 is...a ton. I didn't think I'd do well with the smaller characters that are children. To be fair, I have very few ocs <16 Only four, and most of them are extremely minor characters.

    Well, Siorc's story started at around the time he was...11, but he ages throughout the story into adulthood, but that's a different thing altogether.

    I hope the url shows up in this message, I don't remember what color I set links to on my profile style.
    I've heard tracing is considered bad. So, I probably won't trace. But, I've heard heavily referencing is also frowned upon. But, I can't imagine things and have them appear in my head, so I have to use references to draw all the time.

    If I switch to digital art, I'd use predefined shapes only for the head since I draw a semi circle that's not always perfect.

    Also, I finished drawing all my ocs. All 54 (except the oc in laws not allowed in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) < the parents of the ocs. I have to update my drawings thread once again with over twenty new pieces in less than a week.
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