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  • I see :o Do you play competitively or are you just going at your own pace?

    I'm am very interested in what you are doing <.< Lol :P
    What do you do? Are you still on story mode?

    That's pretty bad. But, err. At least Hawlucha has muscles... maybe? I have Bergmite, Dewgong, and I think Snover or Delibird =.=

    I'l take a look later today. I'm spending today studying.
    My hero *said in your stereotypical southern belle accent*

    Oooh. Lmao :P That's kind of funny. We should exchange friend codes, but my friend safari isn't the best~ But, it is of the ice type.

    Do you only play casual?
    Yes. Yes it has. I had to look into your statistics to find out who you were xP Name changes... *shakes fists in anger*

    So how have you been?
    The third is Hawlucha!
    Have fun!

    Sorry for the delay...I had to run to the restroom by the time I got back you figured out what I meant by online in the game.
    Your safari is Flying: Spearow, Hoothoot and ???
    I'll check the third after I see you online in the game.
    Would you like me to check your safari?

    My friend code is 1650-3746-1526
    My safari is Dragon: Fraxure, Dratini and Sliggoo.
    It's entirely up to you, but I would say go for it. It's almost impossible not to notice her - she really messes with your sense of vision. It's like a black hole popping up in your classroom. So it'd be difficult for him to not "see" her straight away.
    Imagine someone with utterly pitch black skin, and everything about them is that same colour. Their eyes, their teeth, their fingernails. It's like a silhouette. That's Emigre. The area around her is just slightly darker than the rest of the room. You can see her.

    The whole "you can't see her" thing is because her body reflects NO light. (That's how your eyes see things, you see the light reflecting off them. Like sonar, but with light.) So your eyes are trying to interpret a woman shaped hole in their vision.
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