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  • I haven't seen you in a while. Although I can't really say that since I've been pretty busy (and inactive) myself... -_-

    How have you been?
    Hi, you're totally welcome thank you for accepting! :D Flannery is really awesome so I totally see why she's your favourite, I like her hair and she's from Hoenn too so...even better :P Do you have a favourite type? I struggle to choose one really...so I'm not sure what mine would be. That's a cool and cute ship you have! I actually don't ship that many although from the anime I did think Ash and Misty had good chemistry in the original series. I also have my own trainer who I kinda ship with some characters...but that isn't canon so probably doesn't count lol
    I'm hoping mine would be either Lightning, Psychic, or Steel since I really like those types =p Ha, here we are talking about our own types knowing that we can't catch our own Pokemon XD We could catch stuff for each other though! I never liked Bug Pokemon, I always felt they were pretty weak to be honest =s I'm excited to see your 3rd FS Pokemon though. I want to see what color you get =p

    My weekend was pretty good, Aqua. I didn't do much except relax. Did some talking.. I really enjoy talking =) How was your weekend? Did you play a lot of Pokemon? =p
    In the starter pack you get Sully, Mr Increadable and Captain Jack Sparrow, I bought Elsa, Rapusel, Violet, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Lightning Mcqueen and Holey Shiftwell separately lol.
    They are sort of like Amiibos but they are essential to the game rather than being a bonus like Amiios (I don't have any amiibos well not yet at least ).

    Thanks, Its one of the funniest scenes in Tangled haha.
    It was very nice, thank you for asking! We had relatives visiting for the weekend. We went out with them, and my parents showed my grandparents around my college, since they hadn't been there or seen it before, and I saw a tiny bit of the graduation ceremony. And before then I attended some nice activities for senior week!
    My finals went well. I've managed to pass the class I was flunking before. And no, I don't have social anxiety, but I do get nervous when being the center of attention.
    edit: nevermind, turns out you're fine so I don't have anything to concern myself with. Not like I was worried for you to begin with :P
    I think that's correct that you would only be able to catch 2 at any time and the 3rd when I'm online too. We can set up a time for that =) I hope the Pokemon my FS offers is good though. I don't want to be the friendcode with a scrubby FS >_< What Pokemon does your FS offer?
    It's not anything I see myself getting anytime soon. I don't have very good experiences with certain ones. )x But wow I can only imagine that must have been weird seeing a moth fly into your house like that :P
    So it turns out that your Friend Safari is set based on your friend code and not the game. Let's say I don't have any Pokemon games, you can still go to my FS and catch what I have. All my 3DS friends who have beat X/Y will access the same FS. The only way to tell what type I am is to have a friend go to my FS to find out. I think you can see my 3DS friend code on my profile, I'll add you too when I get a chance, Aqua =) Ohh, Fairy is good! I have always disliked the Victory Road. I always end up using items because it's so long XD
    Yes indeed, ants can be a nuisance. I don't have any pets in my own house, but I know you have a cat. Do you enjoy taking care of it? (:
    Aqua, okay. <33

    Augh, not cool indeed. ;__; Nintendo is amazingggg; specifically my favourite series is Fire Emblem! And yeah, I hope they do! Like if they have an F-Zero style ride that would be sooo amazing. <33
    Its fun, the fact you can play as the Disney Characters and you get the figure is really cool. On the downside the graphics are hardly ground braking and it can get excpensive if you want lots of figures and playsets.
    But all in all its a nice game I would describe it as a mix of the Lego games and Minecraft in the way you can play.
    that sucks...have you tried an eye cream to reduce their appearance? i know there's some cream especially for that at yves rocher but i've never tried it myself. i think it has good reviews, though. :o ahhh, i don't remember! i only found her randomly while looking up makeup vids...i remember she was a makeup artist though and she would use that trick on her customers. yeah, eyeliner was definitely the most difficult part for me but my beautician gave me some tips and thanks to her i was able to improve my technique and i'm so much better at it now. :D

    you're welcome! :3

    i went to h&m, i didn't find the pink shorts i was looking for, sadly...but i've gotten a few nice things! namely, a notebook with cats on it because i'm planning to write down my dreams, a mickey mouse and alice in wonderland figures, a playmobil toy (i know, i'm a total kid...but it looks adorable. it's a clown with balloons!), a chocolate box for my mom as it was mother's day and...a mascara from sephora. :D i went for the better than sex one, haha! i haven't tried it yet but as soon as i do i'll tell you what i think of it. c:

    yeah, it's definitely one of the best, if not the best community i've joined. everyone is super nice here!
    Trade it and not use it (till game completion - I'm guessing)? Friend safari... I don't have the slightest clue XD But I will check. You get something like 3 Pokemon per friend, right? Or was I totally misinformed =s Hmm... have to check.. later today.
    There are many I can say I really enjoy, like Mega Charizard X, Mega Gardevoir, Salamence, Ampharos, Gyarados, and Absol. And some that I wish I had gotten to use more.

    And I mentioned Beedrill, so related question...are you afraid of bugs in real life? Because I know that many girls are, and Misty in the anime was often like that too. xD
    I had a rather crazy weekend, which gave me less time to study for my finals this week. On Saturday, my parents were away to a fiesta at San Diego, leaving me and my brother alone in the house, and news on the internet broke about a cult favorite character returning to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. On Sunday, my family was throwing a party for Mothers Day, and I was playing Smash and Mario Party 10 with my cousins most of the time.

    What about your weekend?
    See, right after the sixth gym, you know this. I wouldn't remember =p Oh yes, trading. I was thinking about this (not something we have to do), like we could trade Pokemons after each gym too. Though, I 'm not sure what the practical purpose is especially since we're going to be playing monotypes. I think trading would be an awesome idea otherwise for starting a game together.
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