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  • I ended up watching that Initial D anime you were talking about during the QueUp and have really enjoyed it so far! Thanks for recommending!
    Yo, question...

    I'm about to release a thread for a romhack, but one of the mandatory things to include is "two screenshots" that showcases my mod.
    Problem: My modification is audio only, there are no visual or otherwise "visible" changes. Can I post a short video instead, showcasing the new sounds?
    Hi there! Based on what you have said I think this should be OK - however all threads are reviewed before going live anyway, so if it doesn't seem quite right, we'll get back in touch to let you know what would need amending. Hope this helps!
    I want to ask a question...

    If I'm unable to code (even if it's not a ROM hack), should I recruit coders to help me out? Or do I have to learn how to code by myself? (FYI, I'll probably STRUGGLE to learn about coding...)
    Since you recently posted on the "Rate the above user's avatar" thread without stating any reasons, do you have any real thoughts on my avatar? I'm not forcing, just asking. :)
    Not sure I like the pointed tone or see why you had to follow-up - just didn't have anything to add onto the score I gave it
    Welcome back Arc, I'm glad to see you again. You had me worried because it sounded like you were going through a tough time last I read before your leave of absence. I hope things are in a better place for you now :)
    • Woop
    Reactions: Arcaneum
    Awh thank you VoM! We're in a better place yeah, still much to go, but good progress has been made. I hope everything has been keeping well your end!
    I am happy that there has been an upswing, and hope things keep on progressing and you come out on top stronger than ever. *Milotic uses life dew to share healing waters with you*
    Thank you very much for the song, Arcaneum. It is truly an awesome band and they sound quite unique as well I'd say.
    Oh, that's okay. I thought I said something wrong or that you felt offended by that question somehow.
    Glad I was mistaken.
    Yes, I'm playing Pokémon Scarlet. Pretty good video game so far.
    Is that you in the profile picture?
    Yooo, yeah, and then you get unlucky when somebody attempts to start up a conversation amidst you leaving - family gatherings are not for the faint hearted haha.

    I do the same. I take out my handy dandy cell phone and jot down notes. My ideas kinda act like puzzle pieces in that eventually one idea might be a perfect fit when put with another. And little by little this story unfolds in such weird ways. And like you, most kinda stay as ideas and don't really go past the draft stage. One day, right?

    Cheers to a future where our ideas finally come to fruition!
    I was but an innocent victim!

    And ah, my apologies, I should've known better than to assume everybody celebrates this holiday, how naive of me. But I'm glad it was decent regardless (:

    As for me, it is indeed something I celebrate. It was okay, to be frank, but can't complain really. Rather it be okay than it going down pretty badly like others I know haha. I don't look forward to Holidays much (albeit I would be lying if I didn't say I enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere). I'd rather share the holidays in private with only a handful of individuals than with large groups like my family prefers.

    Also, I hope it's quite alright to ask, but I read that you enjoy writing and drawing, yes? Do you still write often? (:
    Oh fuck, my bad man. On my end I kept clicking the like button, but it wouldn't register.

    I mean. Clearly it did, but I hadn't realized since I didn't bother to refresh & check.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving tho!
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