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  • Thank you very much for the song, Arcaneum. It is truly an awesome band and they sound quite unique as well I'd say.
    Oh, that's okay. I thought I said something wrong or that you felt offended by that question somehow.
    Glad I was mistaken.
    Yes, I'm playing Pokémon Scarlet. Pretty good video game so far.
    Is that you in the profile picture?
    Yooo, yeah, and then you get unlucky when somebody attempts to start up a conversation amidst you leaving - family gatherings are not for the faint hearted haha.

    I do the same. I take out my handy dandy cell phone and jot down notes. My ideas kinda act like puzzle pieces in that eventually one idea might be a perfect fit when put with another. And little by little this story unfolds in such weird ways. And like you, most kinda stay as ideas and don't really go past the draft stage. One day, right?

    Cheers to a future where our ideas finally come to fruition!
    I was but an innocent victim!

    And ah, my apologies, I should've known better than to assume everybody celebrates this holiday, how naive of me. But I'm glad it was decent regardless (:

    As for me, it is indeed something I celebrate. It was okay, to be frank, but can't complain really. Rather it be okay than it going down pretty badly like others I know haha. I don't look forward to Holidays much (albeit I would be lying if I didn't say I enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere). I'd rather share the holidays in private with only a handful of individuals than with large groups like my family prefers.

    Also, I hope it's quite alright to ask, but I read that you enjoy writing and drawing, yes? Do you still write often? (:
    Oh fuck, my bad man. On my end I kept clicking the like button, but it wouldn't register.

    I mean. Clearly it did, but I hadn't realized since I didn't bother to refresh & check.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving tho!
    I got so busy the last few days with last min christmas mania I completely forgot! Just saw your message now! Sorry I didn't check back sooner to participate :((
    Thank you so much! <3

    I might change it again at some point, when I can find some time 😅

    I need to dig through my actual star pics or go out and take some more if I can't find anything suitable, perhaps the milky way or something. I made these ones in photoshop, don't judge me! 😇
    hi I'm Inky I'm new here im thinkn of changin my name to Rabinov Spiced Memes

    apparently so what an honour for u to recieve
    so the tl;dr is that, assuming i get this posiiton, i'm going to be working with patient records and figuring out why their insurance claims have been denied. it's... going to be interesting stuff lmao. but i'm going to keep applying to other positions just in case i don't hear back.

    and you really deserve all the good things in life april, and i'm not just saying that. to say you've went through quite a rollercoaster in life is a massive understatement. i hope things look up for you and stay that way c:
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