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  • hi I'm Inky I'm new here im thinkn of changin my name to Rabinov Spiced Memes

    apparently so what an honour for u to recieve
    so the tl;dr is that, assuming i get this posiiton, i'm going to be working with patient records and figuring out why their insurance claims have been denied. it's... going to be interesting stuff lmao. but i'm going to keep applying to other positions just in case i don't hear back.

    and you really deserve all the good things in life april, and i'm not just saying that. to say you've went through quite a rollercoaster in life is a massive understatement. i hope things look up for you and stay that way c:
    ooo things have been looking up for the most part!! as of currently, i'm looking for a wfh position and i already got an interview which is nice! one step close to getting out of my dreary kitchen job. @_@ and im on new meds and idk things Have Been Looking Up and im happy for that. even if i dont get the job im interviewing for, it's progress nonetheless, which is a healthier perspective than i would've taken before, for sure.

    i hope you're doing well yourself!!
    Yeah it's true isn't it haha!
    I've been keeping well! Glad I got a chance to talk to you on the Discord :D :D I'll deffo pop in more often!
    OK YES I REMEMBER YOU! HIIII!!! I literally asked you back in 2016 too lol.. I mean.. half a decade ago.. it's pretty crazy,
    Weirdly, Gavin randomly messaged me today coupled with the fact that I randomly had a dream about a PC member.. so naturally I was hit with nostalgia, and also.. I mean that's a pretty big coincidence to happen so I thought I'd log back in and see if there was anyone I knew hanging around this part of the internet lol..

    How have you been holding up these crazy past couple of years?
    They haven't guaranteed your jobs? The company I work for was bought out in March 2019 and they had to guarantee jobs for 2 years and a presence in this area for 10 years. That's pretty awful on behalf of the people who made that deal tbh =/
    Yeah, it...kinda broke me, haha. It takes me a long time to recover from stuff because my health is generally shit at the best of times, but I'm slowly on the mend. It's not an experience I am keen to repeat or would recommend. xD;

    Yikes. It's not related to the issues you were having with your colleagues previously, is it? I remember you saying things were awkward. Working with difficult people sucks but trying to find another job is worse, never mind the pandemic making it even harder. Hope it doesn't come to that for you =x
    I am OK! Starting to feel a little more like myself after two weeks of food poisoning misery...and months of work stress, haha. Life has all been one big blur recently x_x
    This is completely spontaneous but I adore your avatar/sig, I love Haikyuu and Daichi very much lmao
    yumichika is one of my favorite Bleach characters, I'm glad the anime had much more of him than the manga did.
    you know im never gonna be able to get this image of you as tyler joseph outta my head right
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