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  • Yo, when do you want to do our battle? I'd be much comfortable if we did it this weekend, preferably Friday evening EDT.
    When I was little my dad tried getting me into MTG, just found a simple deck with cards from 8th edition, what do i do?

    Also found some farseeks ayyyyyy
    Also our mascot should be Fletchinder, or anything that beats Weezing.

    May I recommend Bidoof of Mudkip?
    How about the 'Sri Slaughterers'? Revere and I both totally approve of this great name that also emphasizes that Sri is nublordmasterflex. It's a winwin
    I'll have you know that Knock Off's damage-increasing side-effect still applies if it's about to knock off Assault Vest. The only time Knock Off won't power up is if it's used on a Mega Evolution (or a Pokemon holding the correct Mega Stone) or Primal Reversion.
    should probably bring the conversation here before we derail the thread
    All the official servers for BB were shut down years ago, but I think that there's still a couple of private servers out there. It's kinda tempting to try one of those out but idk.....
    Apparently, you did

    Low Kick >>>>>>> Brick Break; there are so many heavy targets in OU that Brick Break is entirely unnecessary. Heck, Fighting moves aren't that necessary on Bisharp because Dark/Steel isn't resisted by much.

    And X-Scissor is highly unnecessary on Mega Pinsir, as Aerilated Returns do more to Grass Pokemon and are already enough for Psychics and Darks. Mega Pinsir generally likes running Swords Dance because sometimes its initial power may not be enough to break through threats
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